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Payment arrangements and financial assistance

Find the financial options that work for you


Fidium is dedicated to simplifying the financial assistance process and connecting more people every day, so we offer special payment arrangements and financial assistance.

Keep reading to see what options are available to qualified Fidium customers.

Payment extensions

It’s easy to get a payment extension with Fidium. Call 1.844.PAY.FIDIUM (1.844.729.3434) to enter your requested payment date into the automated system.

If you prefer not to use the automated system, you can click on the "Ask Fidium" to chat with a Fidium Guide to request an extension or alternative payment arrangement.

Financial assistance

Fidium is proud to participate in the federal Lifeline program. Our low-income customers can take advantage of a monthly discount on internet service.

Learn more about the Lifeline program at our program page or visit the Universal Service Administrative Co. (USAC) Federal Lifeline Program website.

Late payments and penalties

If your Fidium bill is not paid by its due date, you may be assessed a late payment fee. Your service may be disconnected if nonpayment becomes an ongoing issue.

Monthly service charges will continue if your service is disconnected for nonpayment unless service is canceled. To cancel service, contact our Fidium Guides at 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

Restoring service after disconnection for nonpayment will result in a reconnection fee. We don’t charge a reconnect fee for customers who restore service after seasonal suspension.

You may be able to set up a customized payment arrangement for a past-due balance. Find out more by contacting Fidium at 1.844.PAY.FIDIUM (1.844.729.3434).

Fidium recommends you sign up for AutoPay to pay automatically and receive a $2.50 discount on your internet service every month.

Visit your Fidium Insider Portal to enroll in AutoPay today.

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