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Setting up AutoPay

Get step-by-step instructions on setting up AutoPay with a bank account or debit/credit card

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Login to the Fidium Insider Portal.

  • Account needs to be active for 24 hours before you can set up AutoPay
  • Make sure pop-up blocker is off or disabled before you start the AutoPay setup process
  • Google Chrome browser is recommended or any newer browser will work

There are multiple ways to access AutoPay settings:

  • Option 1: Click Settings icon from the left-hand navigation menu
  • Option 2: Click the Enroll in AutoPay link under the Make a One-Time Payment blue button
  • Option 3: Click the Manage payments preferences link under the Quick links section
  • Option 4: Click the blue Enroll now button on the image

TheInsider Dashboard


One of these options will bring you to the Settings section of the portal. Make sure you are under the "Billing" tab within the Settings section.

  • Enable the Automatic bill pay by toggling on that feature
  • "Manage Payment Accounts" blue button can also be clicked to find "Manage AutoPay Settings"

Billing section under Settings


Add a payment method

Manage AutoPay settings

Under "Manage AutoPay settings" pop-up (remember to turn off pop-up blocker), add a payment method by selecting either "Add Bank Account" or "Add Credit Card" under the "Select a Payment Method" dropdown menu.

Add a new bank account

Add a new bank account

Add a new Credit or Debit card

Add a new credit card

Select a payment amount and date

Manage AutoPay settings

  • Select a payment amount of either "Balance due" or "Optional payment limit"
  • If optional payment, enter an amount in the "Optional payment limit" box to set that desired payment amount
  • Select a payment date of either "Bill due date" or "Custom pay date"
  • A warning will occur if your custom date is after the bill due date
  • Accept the "Payment Terms & Conditions"
  • Click the "Start Recurring Payments" blue button to activate AutoPay settings

AutoPay enrollment enabled

AutoPay success screen


The Settings section should now indicate that Automatic bill pay is enabled as shown:

AutoPay enrolled


Disable AutoPay enrollment

If you wish to discontinue AutoPay, you can toggle off the "Automatic bill pay" feature under settings. Please note that your $2.50/month credit will also be removed from your account.

From the "Manage AutoPay settings" pop-up, select the "Disable AutoPay" blue button to remove AutoPay feature. If your next automatic payment would have occured with the next 5 days, the scheduled payment will still be processed.

AutoPay disabled

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