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Different is better

Fidiumize your life with a fiber internet experience you'll love. Kiss the frustration of cable internet goodbye!


We have made significant progress to restore service after Tropical Storm Beryl, but there is still work to do. If you are experiencing a service disruption, please know our teams are working diligently to restore your service as fast as possible given the magnitude of this natural disaster. Click here for further information and resources.

Fidium Fiber delivers a 100% fiber connection to your home. That means, while cable internet customers are sharing internet access across the neighborhood, you're getting direct-to-home bandwidth 24/7...over the fastest, most reliable technology available.

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Experience better,
faster internet

With stronger WiFi, there’s no buffering, no lag and no slowing down, especially during peak hours.

Get smoother streaming TV, faster gaming and a better remote work experience — no matter how many bandwidth hogs you have at home!


No contracts

Flexibility to change your plan whenever you want

No bundling

Only pay for the services you need

No data cap

Never run out of data

The ultimate 2-gigabit internet

Experience multi-Gig speeds that take your internet to a whole new level. Fidium delivers equal 2 Gig upload and download speeds, something cable internet simply can't do. Check out more of what Fidium can do for you. Learn more about the benefits of 2 Gig internet.

WiFi that knocks out the dead zones

Strong bandwidth to keep you flying

Video calls without glitchy delays and freezes

Work, learn or play without limits

Same fast Gig speeds for uploads and downloads

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Boost your business

Get fast fiber internet with Fidium@Work. Quick installation with affordable and dependable pricing, so you can focus on servicing your customers, not your internet service.

Here's what happens when you put the customer first...

I am happy with my new wifi service through Fidium. I got faster speed and a much lower monthly statement after switching from Xfinity.

Stacey - New Hampshire

Fast internet at a good price. All installers were friendly and professional.

Nicholas - Texas

Everything was and is great. I wish everyone I had to deal with would be just like the people at Fidium.

Christina - Maine

Fidium’s fiber internet service area

More fiber internet to more communities

Check out our fiber internet service locations.

Thank you for making us the people's internet

About Fidium

Our customers are our families and friends in the local community, so we wouldn't even think about offering anything less than the strongest connection. You'll experience the most advanced, fastest fiber internet to make life better for everyone. That means pricing you can afford, removing fees and data caps you don't want with the exceptional service you deserve from your internet provider.

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