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Monitor your workspace


See how to manage physical security and detect movement to ensure peace of mind.


When you have a business to take care of, you want to make sure that it’s secure and protected. The features on the Fidium Attune@Work™ WiFi app allow you to manage your devices and network, but what about your physical security? No worries, we’ve got that covered, too.


Using WiFi to help detect movement


Customer density and dwell time data helps businesses understand activity trends, predict business demand, and optimize space.


Key attributes:


  • Motion alerts for added peace of mind
  • Uses disturbances in the WiFi connections to detect movement using your existing WiFi connected gateways and devices


Physical security for your business


Your WiFi gateway acts as physical security device for your business without the need for new hardware.


Fidium uses disturbances in the WiFi connections to detect movement within the environment. By monitoring changes in the WiFi fields, we can determine which changes represent movement. When movement is sensed, alerts can be sent to the user’s phone.


See the Flow tab in the Attune@Work app to manage the following movement detection features:


  • Adjust the sensitivity level that triggers alerts
  • See a live view and history of up to 7 days
  • Use the WiFi connections between gateways and devices to detect motion
  • Set motion sense alerts to turn on and off automatically, based on when employees are present


Customize network app screen


How to activate


Motion detection and alert features needs to be enabled:


  • From the Security Screen, tap on the Motion option and switch the Flow toggle on
  • It can take up to 3 minutes for Flow to start and be able to detect motion
  • During this time, devices that are currently connected to gateways will be added to the Flow device list and selected devices are chosen to detect motion


Customize network app screen


Changing your settings


Once the Motion option is activated, the settings screen can be found further down the page.


Scrolling down provides access to the following settings:


  • Live motion view
  • Flow Alerts
  • Motion today and Motion last 7 days views
  • Flow devices
  • Flow settings


Customize network app screen


Setting up motion alerts


Alerts can be manually turned off to disable all Flow push notifications. When enabled, alerts are only sent for motion events based on the Smart activation mode.


Push notifications for Flow can be disabled separately from other Attune@Work app notifications.


A specific amount of motion intensity and duration is required (2 minutes).


Customize network app screen


Assign your devices


Once Flow is activated for the first time and motion devices are populated, a Stationary Devices card will appear below the Live view.


This list of devices consists of WiFi connected devices in the Secure zone.


Until devices are assigned, Flow will only show gateways detecting motion in the Live view.


Customize network app screen


Manage your detection settings


Motion Sensitivity:
Adjusts how sensitive (Low, Medium, High) the system is to the changes in WiFi fields. Motion Sensitivity adjusts how much motion intensity is needed to trigger motion detection. Increasing sensitivity can help if the system has a limited amount of gateways and/or sounding devices available.


Smart Activation:
Turning on this option mutes Flow Alerts (push notifications) when employees are present. When Flow Alerts are enabled, they will only be sent when all employee primary devices are disconnected.


Time between alerts:
The intervals between each push notification can be adjusted.


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