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Why Choose Fiber? The Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

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Why Choose Fiber? The Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet 1182

Fiber optic internet has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its lightning-fast speeds and reliable connection. Unlike cable and DSL internet, fiber cables can deliver speeds about 20 times faster than regular cable internet and 80 times faster than DSL internet.

This superior dependability makes fiber internet the go-to option for businesses and households. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of fiber optic internet and why it's the best choice for anyone that wants more out of their internet plan.

Fiber optic internet: A new, faster way to access the web

Fiber option internet is the latest technology when it comes to high-speed internet. Unlike old-school internet connections that rely on copper wires to deliver data, fiber internet uses thin, flexible glass strands. The strands carry data using light, resulting in faster internet speeds and improved reliability.

Fiber is attractive for homes and businesses because it offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, allowing for a superior and more pleasant online experience. With fiber internet, you can quickly upload large files, enjoy seamless streaming, play online video games without lag, and have websites load in the blink of an eye.

Benefits of Fiber Internet

Fiber is the future for anyone who needs high-speed internet. There are many advantages to fiber compared to other types of internet connections. With it, you can have an internet connection that is resilient to power outages (you still need power at your home or business for your devices), that maintains its speeds during peak hours, and much more. Let's go over the benefits of fiber optic internet and see how it can improve your online experience.

1. Lightning-fast speeds

If you need speed, nothing beats having fiber internet. It offers impressive symmetrical speeds, meaning you can download and upload files at the same rate.

To put fiber's speed into perspective, let's use a two-hour movie as an example. With a fiber connection, it can take as little as 40 seconds to download the movie, while cable can take anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes and over an hour using a DSL connection.

The impressive speeds are thanks to how fiber transmits data. Fiber optic cables send and receive data using light. The data travels at the speed of light, resulting in incredible speed and reliability even over long distances.

2. Fiber is the most reliable internet option out there.

If you work from home and need the internet to study, create video content, or stream gameplay, fiber is the best type of high-speed internet for you.

Unlike cable and DSL, fiber doesn't suffer from constant packet loss, video buffering, or consistent connection drops. Fiber is the perfect choice if you need reliable internet during peak usage hours, as it can handle many users and more data while maintaining incredible speeds.

Fiber internet is the most dependable option, especially if you're in an area with frequent power outages. Unlike other internet connections, fiber optic cables do not rely on electricity to work. So, as long as devices are powered, you can connect them to the internet.

3. Fiber optic internet providers don’t throttle your speeds.

Cable and DSL users have to constantly deal with slow speeds, buffering, and even connection drops during peak usage times. These issues happen because cable and DSL companies have crowded nodes that cannot sustain the usage load of users during peak hours. 

This slowdown happens because of something called throttling, which is common among many ISPs. Throttling helps reduce strain on the infrastructure during peak times to avoid outages. However, due to its advanced technology, fiber internet doesn't need to deal with these issues.

4. Fiber gives you the same fast speeds for uploads as you get for downloads.

If your work requires constantly moving large files around, using DSL and cable will negatively impact you and your company. It'll take significantly longer to upload your files, taking up a large portion of your time and slowing down the rest of your connection. This is because DSL and cable only offer a fraction of the upload speeds that a fiber connection would.

But unlike cable and DSL, fiber provides the same lightning-fast upload and download speeds, allowing you to upload large files just as fast as you download them.

5. Fiber has the speed and bandwidth to deliver the latest 4K HD video without slowing down or reducing the quality.

If you love watching movies in your free time or just want to get home to stream your favorite show at a stunning 4K resolution, fiber is the best choice for you.

Cable and DSL struggle to download and stream video media even at lower resolutions, constantly buffering and taking hours to download shows and movies. However, fiber can deliver any movie or show at 4K without any buffering or quality loss.

6. Better gameplay for online gaming.

For online gaming, having a fast, reliable, and low-latency internet connection is crucial to ensuring seamless and enjoyable gaming sessions. While gaming is not particularly heavy on bandwidth requirements, fiber's stability and low latency ensure a game will go smoothly from beginning to end.

While DSL and cable can also provide a good connection for gaming, they often cause frustration due to instability and unreliability, particularly during peak usage times. This leads to severe lag and sometimes even connection drops, which can completely ruin a gaming session, especially a long one.

7. Fiber is ideal for handling a bunch of different devices in your household.

Currently, most modern houses have several devices that can connect to the internet for many different features and services. This means that having a lightning-fast internet connection can benefit even more people at once. So if you have things like IoT devices, smartphones, computers, and cameras all connected at once, then fiber is the superior choice.


Fiber is the future of high-speed internet, and Fidium Fiber is the best choice for anyone that wants lightning-fast internet speeds, a reliable connection, and symmetrical upload and download speeds.

With fiber internet, you'll enjoy your favorite shows and movies in 4K, reliable gaming, and fast work, all without worrying about connection drops, video buffering, or slow upload times. So, if you're ready to enjoy lightning-fast and stable internet, switch to Fidium today and enjoy the internet at high speeds. Click here to check for availability in your area.