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Give your
business a boost

Fidium@Work provides fast, fiber internet to keep your business running smoothly.

Service that simply works

Let us do the work for a change…

You need an internet connection that works as hard as you do. Gig-bandwidth and the same fast download and upload speeds to handle all of your daily tasks — sales transactions, emails, research, and so much more.

No contracts

Flexibility to change your plan whenever you want

No bundling

Only pay for what you need

No gimmicks

You get our best rates every year of service with predictable pricing you can count on

(See applicable taxes, governmental surcharges)

No data cap

Never run out of data—ever!

Choose the business speed you need


1 Gig


Same predictable price - year after year

FREE installation

No contract


Symmetrical download and upload speeds of 1 Gig (that's 1000 Mbps!)

Transfer data and download huge files without buffering or delay

Handles bandwidth-hungry cloud-based business applications and data processing

Easily supports connected devices and crystal-clear VoIP calling

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600 Mbps


Same predictable price - year after year

FREE installation

No contract


Symmetrical download and upload speeds of 600 Mbps

Perfect for multiple employees working productively and efficiently

Make seamless video calls, frequent credit card transactions, large file transfers

Easily supports connected devices and crystal-clear VoIP calling

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300 Mbps


Same predictable price - year after year

FREE installation

No contract


Symmetrical download and upload speeds of 300 Mbps

Excellent home-based business solution, perfect for small offices and shops

Reliably send and receive emails, transfer large files, process credit card transactions

Easily supports connected devices and crystal-clear VoIP calling

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All plans include

WiFi 6 gateway to enable faster speeds and wider coverage

Attune@Work™ WiFi app to put you in control

Proactive network monitoring to help resolve any issues

Free professional installation for all fiber internet plans

$5 discount with subscription to Paperless Billing and AutoPay

Dynamic IP address that assigns an IP address for easy and instant device configuration

Business directory listing

Optional add-ons

Unlimited local, nationwide and international calls to Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands with a VoIP phone

Static IP address if you need to host a web or email server, support remote workers or use virtual collaboration tools

Intelligent WiFi built to empower your business

Fidium’s Attune@Work™ WiFi gives you total control over your business WiFi experience without complex setup or IT requirements. Our free, easy-to-use mobile app gives you a 360˚ view of your entire WiFi network — run a speed test, know who’s online, troubleshoot, and set controls with a simple interface at your fingertips 24/7.

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Consistent connectivity

Buffering is a bad dream of the past! Link™ service delivers ultra-fast, reliable connectivity across every room.

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Secure access

With Keycard™ features, you can create secure employee-only access to business WiFi and access workforce management tools.

Concierge trademarked icon guest wifi

Guest WiFi

Concierge™ offers a separate WiFi connection your guests can access and turns that customer usage into data insights so you can optimize your space.

Shield trademarked icon of a lock

Small business security

Shield™ provides always-on enterprise-grade security that’s tailored to your small business. Filter suspicious activity, quarantine devices that are behaving strangely, and enjoy built-in ad blocking.

Flow trademarked icon of movement detection

Movement detection

Flow™ is a new way to detect movement near each connected device or room on your network. Use it for premise security or to gather motion analytics about how your space is used to optimize your business.

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Optional business VoIP phone service

Get one or two phone lines to make unlimited local and nationwide long-distance business calls with voicemail and calling features.

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We heard small business owners want:
Secured and fast internet
And we delivered Fidium@Work.

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All small businesses can get a fiber boost

Retail stores and boutiques that depend on fast, frequent and secure transactions

Local bars and restaurants that need a strong WiFi signal throughout their establishment

High-paced professional services firms (lawyers, accountants, realtors) who need fast access to information

Repair shops and businesses that depend on inventory and taking/sending lightning quick orders

Consultants and freelancers who need high productivity from a dedicated internet connection


Need additional business services?

Fidium@Work is designed to meet the needs of most small, locally-owned businesses, but if you need other services to pair with a dedicated fiber internet connection, connect with Consolidated Communications. A single provider with the same great price and service!

Consolidated Communications may be right for you if:

You’re an existing Consolidated customer
Your business operates at multiple locations, or you have a call center
You need more than 3+ phone lines, an alarm, fax line or multiple static IP addresses
You operate critical business applications and require service-level guarantees
You use or plan to use unified communications or workplace collaboration tools
You have an in-house IT manager or use a third party to manage your network

Need fast, reliable
service at home?
Need fast, reliable service at home?
Check Out Fidium Fiber Internet for Home Check Out Fidium Fiber Internet for Home

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