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Break the speed barrier with 2-gigabit internet

Sign up for Gig speeds by October 8 for 1 month FREE!

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Fiber internet service that keeps up with you

Simplify your life

Let your fiber internet service work for you. Fidium Fiber gives you the choice and exceptional service you deserve and expect from an internet provider.

No contracts

Flexibility to change your plan whenever you want

No bundling

Only pay for what you need

No hidden fees

Advertised prices include all the bells and whistles of our service

(See applicable taxes, governmental surcharges)

No data cap

Never run out of data—ever!

Choose the speed you need


2 Gigs

$85/mo $75/mo*
1 month FREE - Offer expires 10/8

1-year price lock ($85/mo year 2, $95/mo after)

FREE Installation

No contract


The fastest 2-Gig speeds for both uploads and downloads

For the ultimate connected home

A connection to work and play as hard as you do

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1 Gig

$70/mo $55/mo*
1 month FREE - Offer expires 10/8

1-year price lock ($75/mo year 2, $95/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


A fast, reliable connection throughout your home

A better streaming TV experience - with no lag

Meet the demands of work, school and play simultaneously

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250 Mbps


1-year price lock ($85/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


Great for online learning and working from home

Connect with friends and family easily through video

Stream HD content, play live games, load files

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50 Mbps


1-year price lock ($55/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


Shop online, surf the web, send emails

Stream your favorite shows, movies and music

Download or upload files and install apps

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*Special pricing shown is for the 1st year of Fidium residential internet service and is a limited-time offer.

All plans include

WiFi gateway to enable faster speeds and wider coverage

Whole-home Attune™ WiFi app puts you in control of your network and devices

Proactive network monitoring to help resolve any issues

Free professional installation for all fiber internet plans

$5 discount with subscription to Paperless Billing and AutoPay

Optional add-ons

Unlimited local, nationwide and international calls to Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands with a VoIP home phone

Streaming TV packages available through one of our partners

Find out if Fidium is available for you

Your home is going to be smarter than ever

Fidium's whole-home intelligent WiFi experience offers higher control for anyone who wants to take their smart home to the next level! Get new insights, more customization, and an unprecedented level of communication from your smart home devices.

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Consistent speed and coverage

WiFi that proactively adjusts to you—buffering is a bad dream of the past! Adapt™ service delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room.

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Intuitive tools

Manage users, devices, and internet access easily. With Control™ features, you can create visitor passwords with expiration dates for extra security—customize the devices and services guests can access!

Guard trademarked icon of security guard head

Best-in-class security

Guard™ is always-on security powered by AI for every device on your network. Filter suspicious activity, quarantine devices that are behaving strangely, and enjoy built-in ad blocking.

Optional home VoIP phone service

Make unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calls from your home phone and enjoy voicemail and calling features – all managed in our online portal.

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Stream all your favorite TV channels

With super-fast gigabit internet speed, there's no more fighting over the TV remote or waiting for your show to download. Everyone can stream what they want immediately, on any device—all at the same time.

Need fast, reliable
business service?
Need fast, reliable business service?
Check Out Fidium Fiber Internet for Work Check Out Fidium Fiber Internet for Work

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