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What’s the Best Internet for PS5 Gaming?

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What’s the Best Internet for PS5 Gaming? 1002

What’s The Best Internet for PS5 Gaming?

If you’re into PS5 gaming – especially multiplayer – it’s worth investing in an internet connection that’s fast and reliable. A good internet package – especially high-speed fiber internet – can go a long way toward making lag, freezing, dropped connections, and other frustrating issues a thing of the past.

Here’s what to look for in an internet provider and service package that has what you need for a top of the line PS5 online gaming experience.

What’s the best kind of internet connection for PS5 gaming?

For console gaming – including on the PS5 – the same is true as for PC gaming: fiber is generally your best option for speed and reliability. If it’s available in your area, it should be your number one choice.

With Fidium, our maximum speed is 2 Gigs for our premium package. This is significantly higher than the equivalent you’ll generally be able to get with a cable internet connection – but without a significant difference in pricing. 

Fiber internet is fast and reliable, with much lower latency than cable internet. For dedicated PS5 gamers, it’s the best option for ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

What’s the best internet speed for PS5?

As far as basic minimum requirements, you’ll realistically need at least 50-100 Mbps for a smooth, lag-free online PS5 gaming experience.

For best results, though, you’ll want to opt for 200 Mbps or more. Fiber tends to be the best option for ensuring that you can reach these speeds regularly. You can find affordable fiber packages with speeds as high as 2 Gigs – a perfect option for hardcore PS5 gaming enthusiasts who want a stress-free gaming experience.

Getting the most out of your internet connection: Tips for boosting your PS5’s speed

Having issues with slowing or lag, even though you have a pretty fast internet connection? Here are a few helpful tips for getting the most out of your PS5’s internet connection.

If it’s available in your area, consider switching from cable to fiber optic internet for faster speeds and lower latency.

While fiber isn’t available everywhere in the US and Canada just yet, new infrastructure is being built every day. At Fidium, we’re continually expanding throughout North America.

If fiber has become available in your area, or is going to be available soon, it’s a smart idea to go ahead and make the switch when you can. Fiber tends to cost about the same as cable internet, but you’ll get much higher speeds and better reliability for your money. 

Connect an ethernet cable to your PS5, rather than using a Wifi connection.

On the whole, a wired connection of any kind is going to be more effective and reliable than a wireless one. If your connection feels a bit slow, and you’ve ruled out other possible issues, try a direct ethernet connection from your modem to your PS5.

If you are using Wifi, invest in a high quality router designed for gaming.

While ethernet is generally better overall, there’s no real reason you should have to go for a wired connection – Wifi should generally suffice for keeping your PS5 connected reliably. 

That said, not all routers are created equal. You’ll want a high quality router, with the latest Wifi 6 standards. It’s worth paying a bit more for a nicer one, especially one that’s specifically designed with gamers in mind. 

With Fidium, though, you may not actually need to purchase a router independently. Our installations come with a whole-home Wifi router included from the start.

To maintain faster connections, keep the number of devices connected to your Wifi to a minimum at any given time.

We’ve mentioned that the number of people using your household internet at any one time will affect your speeds. (Though the faster your maximum speeds are, the less of an issue this will be.)

If possible, it’s a good idea to minimize how many devices are connected actively at one time, especially devices being used for data-hungry applications like streaming and gaming.

If you live with three roommates and you’re all gaming on your PCs or consoles at the same time, this can cause some slowing. Try disconnecting inessential devices to enhance your overall WiFi performance.

Position your router close to your PS5.

Walls, metal objects (such as large fans or furniture), and other objects can physically obstruct Wifi signals from your router. The signals also tend to falter more as you get further from the router, though a quality Wifi router – including the included model with your Fidium package – will have enough range to cover a typical single family home. 

If you can, try to keep your PS5 close to where your actual router is positioned. Having them in the same room can be helpful for preventing issues with your connection.

For PS5 gamers, fiber is the way to go

There’s no question – due to its superior speed and reliability, fiber is the go-to option of choice for serious online gaming. If you have access to fiber in your area, it’s far and away the best option for guaranteeing a smooth, lag-free gaming experience.

Ready to make the switch? Click here to find out if Fidium is available near you.