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Breaking Barriers to Mental Health Care

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Mental health awareness is increasingly recognized as crucial, however, access to mental health services remains challenging for many. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and a prime opportunity to reflect on the pivotal role access to high-speed internet plays in removing barriers to mental health care. 

For people in more rural areas, access to the internet can make all the difference in accessing care when they need it. In small towns, there may not be enough mental health providers to meet the needs of the community, let alone finding a care provider who can meet your specific needs. This is where telehealth has changed the game.  

Telehealth also increases accessibility for people with limited mobility or transportation issues. Even those living in bigger cities can benefit from telehealth and ensure they can receive the care they need in an environment that feels comfortable to them.  

Recently, Michael, a Fidium customer in California, shared how his fiber connection helps him stay on track with his care teams, from his primary care to his mental health. While Michael’s care teams are local, he appreciates being able to have his monthly mental health check-ins from the comfort of his own home, removing the challenges of driving time, parking, and waiting. Michael saves time and ensures he doesn’t miss an appointment, no matter how busy he is.  

Internet access plays a major role in combatting the stigma surrounding mental health. Online forums and social media communities provide safe spaces for individuals to share their experiences, seek support, find resources and connect with people who understand their challenges. Online communities foster a sense of belonging, while reducing the alienation and isolation that can accompany mental health struggles.  

This Mental Health Awareness Month let’s recognize the transformative power of internet access in breaking down barriers to mental health services. Together, we’re expanding access and fostering inclusivity, as we all work toward a world where mental health support is truly accessible to all.