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New Fiber Optic Internet Expansion for Underserved Areas

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New Fiber Optic Internet Expansion for Underserved Areas 2974

According to census block data, more than 40 million Americans do not have access to broadband internet service. And, in today’s digital world, this fact leaves those households at a disadvantage without reliable internet service. Fortunately, at Fidium, our new fiber optic internet expansion is poised to help alleviate that problem.

For those in Texas, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Northern California, help is on the way. Fidium is bringing its fiber internet expansion to underserved homes in those states. Check your location for fiber internet availability in your area.

FCC Fund Provides for Fiber Optic Internet Expansion

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is working to close the gap between those who have dependable internet access and those who don’t. They used census data to identify blocks of rural households that are unserved or partially served by internet providers. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund allocates money for companies to establish rural fiber internet service.

We received a part of those funds at auction to provide fiber optic infrastructure to 300,000 homes in five states. This means that the highest quality internet is about to become available for the first time to thousands of households.

Access to dependable, fast fiber internet should no longer be a luxury. For today’s busy families and their connected homes, it is a necessity. Finally, we can start bridging the divide between those without fiber internet service and those who have it.

Rural Fiber Internet Service at Last

Gone are the days of everyone commuting to an office for their 9-5 jobs. Even before the 2020 arrival of the COVID pandemic, millions of people worked remotely. And now, the numbers are steadily climbing. But without reliable internet that has enough bandwidth to support video calls and large file transfers, hundreds of thousands of workers don’t have that option.

At last, that is changing. If you have been Googling “when will I have fiber internet in my area,” your wait may be almost over. Fidium is building a fiber optic infrastructure that will change the way our rural and urban communities enjoy the internet. We are here to serve our friends and neighbors in Northern California, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Fiber optic internet is ideal for rural areas as it’s more dependable over long distances, a critical consideration for customers who are far from big cities. It also works faster and more reliably than cable, satellite or DSL internet.

Our fiber optic internet expansion means that your family can now access the same dependability and speed that urban areas have. The Fidium team is excited to bring you this reliable solution. Because our network will use new fiber optic infrastructure and not existing cable, we can deliver a better internet experience.

Real-Life Functionality and Dependability

Are you tired of watching a movie, and suddenly the picture gets all grainy or freezes completely? How about when you’re listening to your favorite music, and it keeps cutting out? Are your children frustrated because they can’t get their Zoom classes to work consistently?

If you have been using standard cable internet, it is a safe bet you have experienced these issues. But our new fiber optic internet expansion, adding download and upload speeds up to 1 Gig, will be a game-changer for you.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear how crucial the internet is for our modern world. It is not merely for games, movies and music. Today’s families rely on this access to shop, do their banking, connect with relatives, and even go to school. The Fidium experience places quality, reliability and excellent service at your fingertips.

Fidium Fiber Is Your Partner

Let’s be honest. Internet providers haven’t always earned stellar reputations for customer support. But at Fidium, that is changing. We aren’t just a provider; we’re customers, too. So, we built our team and services to offer everything we want as consumers. If we wouldn’t be happy with something, then we know you wouldn’t be either, and we fix it.

By establishing our fiber internet business with a customer-first mindset, we can ensure the job is done correctly. Our highly-trained team is working on getting the infrastructure in place so that your home can connect quickly, easily and consistently. Fiber optic capability far exceeds traditional cable internet access, so we are working quickly to get it in place for your community.

One of the biggest complaints people have about their current internet providers is the unclear fees. Fidium is changing that, too. We offer affordable, straightforward pricing plans that you can take at face value. There are no hidden costs or bait-and-switch gimmicks. Our fees are transparent and fair.

As your fiber internet provider, Fidium’s Fiber internet service makes available other essential services, like streaming TV and home phone service using VoIP technology. With Fidium Fiber internet, you can dependably access uninterrupted content. No more freezing screens or choppy, jumbled tunes.

And unlike what some providers do, Fidium will not throttle your internet access. This practice of intentionally slowing down a customer’s internet during peak times is not how we work. Our fiber internet service, with speeds up to 2 Gigs, has the bandwidth to keep you connected even at times of the day when there is high internet traffic.

Are You Ready to Experience Fiber Internet?

Fidium is thrilled to bring you the highest quality internet experience around. Like you, we use the internet, so we worked hard to focus on what matters most. You can count on our service to exceed your expectations.

We offer the best product available at the most affordable price possible so that communities and homes have the connections they deserve. No matter why you need to get online, our job is to make sure you can do it. Plain and simple.

Reach out to a Fidium Guide today or call us at 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486) to learn more about the timeline and availability of our fiber internet expansion in your area. You’ll be on your way to reliable and speedy internet service from a trustworthy partner.