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How Much Does Fiber Internet Cost In 2023?

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How Much Does Fiber Internet Cost In 2023? 361

The internet has been steadily advancing over the decades, to the point that the technology has expanded from cable to fiber optics. While this change significantly improved connection stability across long distances with speeds faster than ever before, prices have also gone up to account for maintenance and infrastructure.

The gigabit fiber optic internet price has gone up over the years, but the service quality has also been improving. So if you’re wondering about the fiber internet monthly cost and whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment, we’ll get into it right away.

What is fiber internet?

When the internet first started becoming widespread, data was sent and received through copper cables or satellite signals. These methods were effective at transferring data, but only across relatively short distances, with some stability issues. They also had speed limitations, which made for an overall slower browsing experience.

Along with the advancement of many technologies, data transfer also had several improvements that helped the internet grow even bigger. With the introduction of fiber-optic broadband internet, data could then be transferred through glass microfibers that are thinner than human hair. When the microfiber is bundled together, its data-transfer efficiency is greatly improved, allowing data to be sent across long distances at speeds close to the speed of light.

However, this huge technological advancement came with an increased cost of infrastructure for service providers. Since the materials are more expensive, maintenance also costs more than it ever did before. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers get to pay considerably higher prices for internet plans when using fiber optics.

Fiber internet cost from Fidium

To better illustrate how internet plans get priced across different speeds, let’s take a look at Fidium's different price tiers for fiber internet. However, keep in mind that fiber internet pricing might vary from region to region.

2 Gigs fiber internet

Futuristic: Perfect for households with multiple streaming devices and the highest internet usage

1 Gig fiber internet

Supreme: Great for a seamless work-from-home setup and streaming on multiple devices

250 Mbps fiber internet

Advanced: Works well for working from home, video chat, and gaming.

50 Mbps fiber internet

Essential: Sufficient for surfing the web, streaming on one device, and downloading files.

Fidium Fiber offers internet plans for every need, from intensive streaming and gaming to regular internet browsing. The plans also take into account household size since you need to split up the internet speed across many connected devices at once.

So when contracting internet speeds, the price will go up according to the speed you’re contracting. This is why it is important to understand your needs before signing up for a plan, so you don’t get slower internet than you might need.

With the 2 Gig plan, you have pretty much unlimited fiber-optic internet at every moment. You can watch multiple high-quality streams at once while gaming and downloading large files, all without any issues. In contrast, while the 50 Mbps plan doesn’t offer as much flexibility, it’s the perfect entry plan for fiber optics to help you browse social media and the web.

How much does fiber internet installation cost?

While fiber internet installation costs might seem high at first due to its expensive materials and advanced technology, companies like Fidium Fiber offer installation for free, as long as your region has coverage.

What kind of router do you need for fiber internet?

When signing up for fiber optic internet, you have to take into account that faster speeds require faster routers to accommodate your household accordingly. In addition, you can find a router to suit your needs with many different features for your day-to-day usage.

When considering a new router, you have to keep in mind several important factors, like:

  • Number of devices in your household
  • Size of your living space
  • Budget
  • Cyber security needs

With these features in mind, you can select the perfect router for your home without going overboard with unnecessary features and technologies.

For instance, if you work from home, investing in a router with increased cyber security is a great option to secure your company’s files and information. If you have a lot of people at home that use the internet at the same time, investing in a router that can take the load and distribute the fast speeds to many devices at once will avoid any potential slowdowns due to multiple simultaneous connections.

In addition, the size of your living space should tell you what kind of router you will need. Different routers spread data across different area sizes, so getting a router with proper distribution according to the area you need is the best option to save money.

The price of fiber internet

If you’re wondering how much is fiber internet per month, the answer is that it depends on your region, your needs, and the plans offered by the internet service provider.

While there are many things to consider when signing up for your plan, you should always keep your budget in mind to help you select the best option to suit your needs. A plan for a single person in a small household will cost considerably less than a plan suited for a large family in a large household.

So whether you’re looking to improve your gaming experience, download your work files faster, or watch high-quality movies, sign up for fiber right now with Fidium Fiber.