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How To See What Devices Are Connected To Your WiFi

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How To See What Devices Are Connected To Your WiFi 976

Managing a WiFi network might seem complex at first, but knowing who is connected and using your internet is not as difficult as you might think. Whether for security or control over who uses your connection, it’s important to know how to see what devices are connected to your WiFi.

If you have a large household, frequently host parties with many guests, or have a business with several clients, you’ll want to know who’s connected to and using your internet services. So let’s dive in and check how to see who is on your WiFi.

Using the Command Prompt to See Devices on Your WiFi

Put simply, the Command Prompt is a text-based interface that operational systems use to interpret text into commands.

By accessing a computer’s Command Prompt, you can type several different commands to directly tell your computer what to do instead of navigating through it normally. Among the many uses, a command prompt can be used to check your network details, like your IP.

To check devices connected to your WiFi via a command prompt, follow these steps:

  • Open the command prompt on your computer.
  • For Mac, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, type "Terminal," and select the program that comes up.
  • For Windows, press the Windows key or click on the Windows logo in the taskbar, then type “cmd” and press Enter.
  • The prompt "C:\\Users>" will appear.
  • Type “ipconfig” and press Enter.
  • Type “arp -a” and press Enter.

There should be a bunch of numbers on your command prompt now. Under IP Configuration after Step 3, you can find your router’s IP address punctuated by periods after “Default Gateway."

After completing step 4, you can check a list of the devices connected to your router. The IP addresses that start with the same numbers (about the first six numbers) as your router’s IP address from step 3 are connected to your router.

While this method doesn’t tell much other than the number of devices connected, it’s still a great way to figure out how much your internet is being used, especially if you’ve recently moved and/or transferred internet services.

Using the Fidium Attune App

If you’ve wondered how you can see what devices are connected to your WiFi with your phone, Fidium Fiber has the answer. You can use their own app to tinker with your WiFi from your phone. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, take a look at it on the website for more details.

With the Fidium Attune WiFi App, you can fine-tune your internet settings to control your internet traffic over WiFi. The app allows you to set up multiple profiles with different preferences and permissions, then allocating devices to the created profiles.

The app also has a default home profile that can be configured. Everyone without a profile is automatically set to the default, which you might want to use for guests. For family and friends, you can create private profiles so they can use your WiFi freely.

Improve Your WiFi Security and Control

After going through these simple steps, you’ll never have to wonder again if there’s someone using your WiFi without your knowledge. To top it off, Fidium Fiber offers a great app to make everything even easier. So check out Fidium Fiber’s internet plans right now and keep your WiFi under control.