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The Best Internet for Xbox One: Why Fiber Is The #1 Option for Xbox Gamers

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The Best Internet for Xbox One: Why Fiber Is The #1 Option for Xbox Gamers 459

Gaming has been around for many decades now for consoles and computers. However, only recently has online gaming been growing and standing out, with many people playing cooperative and competitive games online with and against others.

Due to the increased demand for online gaming, people need to look for the best internet speed for Xbox One to play online while having a smooth experience. And we’re here to tell you why the best internet connection for Xbox One is fiber.

What’s the best type of internet connection for Xbox network gaming?

Among the many internet connection types available for gaming, fiber-optic internet is the best. It provides significantly higher speeds than other alternatives, as well as lower latency, which can significantly improve your online gaming performance.

Fiber optic internet was a huge leap forward in technology from cable internet, allowing for a greater online experience for consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and even PC gaming. The faster connection also improves download speeds for games, making them available to play much faster than ever before.

What’s the best internet speed for the Xbox One?

The best internet speed for gaming Xbox One is anything above 200 Mbps to provide a smooth and stable connection. However, if high speeds aren’t available in your region, 50 to 100 Mbps is enough to play online games, with the only drawback that there might be some stability and delay issues.

The best internet speed for Xbox One might vary depending on how many people live with you and use the internet at the same time. For instance, households with large families might benefit from fiber optic speeds, like Fidium’s residential plan, which offers around 1 Gigabyte. This is enough for the whole family to play games, watch movies, and browse the internet all at once.

Tips for maximizing your Xbox One's internet connection speed

While purchasing a fast internet plan is the first big step, there are many other ways to maximize your Xbox One connection speed for gaming. However, optimizing your gaming experience isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, so we made a guide to help you improve your connection.

If it’s available in your area, consider switching from cable to fiber optic internet for much faster speeds and lower latency

When considering your options across the many internet connection types, the move from cable to fiber optic internet is probably the biggest leap in speed and stability you can and should make.

Not only does fiber optics provide the best internet speed for Xbox Live, but it also improves your entire gaming experience by allowing you to download games faster. So if you want to check availability in your area, check out our website for region coverage here.

Connect an Ethernet cable to your Xbox One, rather than using a WiFi connection

The best internet connection for Xbox One is definitely through an Ethernet cable. While WiFi is convenient, it’s not reliable enough and not as stable as a connection through an Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cables connect your device directly to your router or modem, bypassing any issues that WiFi would have due to signal loss or interference. The direct connection also lowers ping, which significantly improves the online gaming experience.

Additionally, an Ethernet cable will provide you with the fastest speed your internet can achieve, allowing you to quickly download new games or update your current ones.

If you’re using WiFi, invest in a high quality router designed for gaming

Using WiFi to connect your Xbox to the internet and play games is a great option if you have a high-quality router for gaming. Regular routers can do the job, but more often than not, they aren’t stable enough to contribute to a smooth gaming session.

Gaming routers are designed specifically to cater to the gaming needs of having a stable connection to avoid disconnects while playing a match or having lag that’d put you behind your opponents.

To maintain faster connections, keep the number of devices connected to your WiFi network at a minimum

Even if you have a considerably fast connection, having too many devices connected to your WiFi network at the same time can hinder your gaming experience. That’s because the more devices there are connected, the more of your network they are consuming, which can cause connection spikes that result in lag, delays, and sometimes even temporarily dropping the connection.

Position your router close to your Xbox

A direct internet connection to your Xbox console is essential to maximize your gaming experience. So in order to avoid lag and delays, positioning your Xbox and router close to each other is the best way to guarantee a stable connection between them at all times.

Improving your Xbox One gaming with Fiber Optic Internet

When playing online games on your Xbox One, having a stable internet is a top priority to avoid disconnection issues and delays. And the best way to get a safe and stable connection with fast speeds is to use fiber-optic internet.

Although fiber optics is a new technology and hasn’t been implemented in all regions yet, Fidium Fiber is working on improving the fiber optic infrastructure so you can enjoy fast speeds from anywhere in the country. If you’re not sure if you have coverage in your region, check out availability right now and pick the best plans that suit your gaming needs!