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What Country Has the Fastest Internet in the World?

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What Country Has the Fastest Internet in the World? 159

The internet has grown so much that, at this point, it’s an essential part of everyone’s life. A fast internet connection guarantees that company services stay up and running all the time, making our lives more convenient.

But how fast can the internet get? And what makes internet speeds as fast as they are? Let’s dive into the details and find out more about which country has the fastest internet in the world, as well as learn about Fidium Fiber's efforts to expand fiber optic infrastructure across the U.S.

Who has the world’s fastest internet? Singapore comes in at #1.

Singapore, an Asian country known for being a technological powerhouse, easily gets the number one spot on the list of the fastest internet speeds in the world.

According to reports from TelcoNews, Singapore’s average internet speed is estimated at an incredible 207 Mbps. Their fast internet speeds are a result of billions of dollars of investment into improving infrastructure to accommodate fiber optic cables throughout the NYC-sized city-state nation.

To put that speed into perspective, reports from HighSpeedInternet estimate the average internet speed in the US in 2022 is 119.03 Mbps. That is a considerably lower number and very noticeable when downloading large files or using data-intensive streaming services.

The Top 10 Countries By Internet Speed

While Singapore easily dominates the internet speed charts, other countries also have great internet services with fast speeds to provide. However, it’s important to understand that the data from different sources can slightly vary, so the top 10 rankings can fluctuate over time.

Here’s a list of the top 10 countries with the fastest internet speed in the world:


Sitting at the number 1 spot for top speed in the world, Singapore easily takes the lead with an impressive average of over 200 Mbps. Some sources even point out speeds reaching as high as 300 Mbps or more.


Similarly to Singapore, Monaco is a small, wealthy citystate that has heavily invested in its fiber optic cable infrastructure.

While Singapore has been in the top 1 for a long time regarding internet speeds, Monaco might have overtaken it, depending on which sources you’re comparing as of 2023.

Monaco's average internet speed is 214.23 Mbps, according to Wise Voter.


While not the best, Chile sits at the top of the list with speeds of around 210~215 Mbps. They’re considered a respectable player in the global internet speed race.

Hong Kong

With an impressive average internet speed of 194.35 Mbps, Hong Kong is a great place to enjoy fast downloads and streaming services.

People’s Republic of China

This giant of technology has an average internet speed of 214 Mbps, solidifying their global presence not only through imports and exports but also with a great internet infrastructure for their online deals.


While Switzerland isn’t as fast as the world’s leaders, their 144 Mbps average is quite commendable, ensuring their consumers will have fast internet connections for everything they might need.


Similar to Switzerland, France has an average internet speed of 150 Mbps. It’s not as fast as the other fast countries, but still an impressive speed that adds stability to their online services.


Denmark is a strong player on the list, with an average speed of 188 Mbps. They have been consistently great for a while and still keep up as a strong performer in the global internet speed rankings.


Despite their small size, especially compared to other countries in this ranking, Romania’s internet speed of 170 Mbps showcases their commitment to internet infrastructure. Their network expansion has been increasing over time, and they are certain to still grow and raise the global ranks.


With a median internet speed of around 200 Mbps, Thailand not only makes it into the top 10 list for fastest internet speeds, but they also break the 200 Mbps mark, providing incredibly fast speeds for their citizens.

How do US internet speeds stack up in comparison?

The top rankings set the bar considerably high regarding their fast internet speeds, but it’s also worth noting how the US fairs in comparison to the other global competitors.

Generally, the rank sits at around 12th place on the global ranking for fastest internet speeds, according to Tachus.

However, the US used to be much lower on the list. It’s been steadily climbing over the years, with companies like Fidium Fiber investing in improving the country’s fiber optics infrastructure to bring a great and reliable service to everyone with high internet speeds.

So what country has the best internet connection?

Singapore is considered number one in the rankings for internet speeds. However, having a fast internet connection isn’t everything.

A reliable and stable connection is just as important as speed, particularly if you’re browsing the internet constantly, watching videos, watching live streams, playing online games, or downloading large files.

To ensure you have the best internet service regarding speed and stability, look for a reliable internet service provider like Fidium Fiber. While the fiber optics infrastructure hasn’t been expanded throughout the whole country yet, the company is continuously expanding its reach to provide a great service for everyone.

So if you’re unsure about Fidium Fiber’s availability in your region, check out the website right now and pick a plan to access the best, fastest fiber network.