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Zombie Apocalypse?

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Zombie Apocalypse? 2352

Not if Fidium Can Help It: The Benefits of Fiber for Gamers

Imagine deftly maneuvering your joystick to escape a hoard of zombies only to be foiled by an unexpected off-screen foe: glitchy, laggy internet. A slow internet connection can be your biggest saboteur when it comes to gaming – whether you're playing on your favorite console or through your computer.

When it comes to multiplayer games and powering bandwidth-hungry gaming applications, including player-to-player communications and shared streaming via apps like Discord and Twitch, high-definition visuals, virtual reality and simultaneous multi-device content, fiber internet offers major benefits for gamers. Especially when you need a reliable, unwavering connection to squash a zombie apocalypse, you'll want fiber internet as a tool in your arsenal.

Let's count the ways that a high-speed fiber connection can make a difference for avid gamers.

1. Super-Fast Speed

Fiber internet is known for providing multi-gigabit download and upload speeds and for gamers, that translates into a seamless gaming experience. Whether you need to download large game files, stream high-definition content, or participate in multiplayer battles, fiber-based internet can enable better gaming experience because of the massive amounts of bandwidth it can process at one time.

What internet speed do you need for gaming? It depends on a few factors, including what quality of monitor or screen you're using, how many additional devices are sharing your internet connection, and what type of game you're playing. Many gamers can agree that for bandwidth intensive games, 300 Mbps is the bare minimum, while more serious gamers look to gig or higher speeds to power their consoles.

The good news is, with multiple plan options, your fiber provider has plans to suit every form of gamer, no matter their gaming preferences.

2. Reduced Latency

Nothing jeopardizes an on-screen advantage faster than a jittery connection. Any gameplay lag or pixelated graphics can be traced back to latency – better known in the gaming world as ping – which is the time it takes for data to travel from your device to the server and back again. In even simpler terms, it's how quickly your device can communicate. So if you press a button and your avatar fails to perform the associated action, you can blame latency (or ping if you prefer) for your poor gaming experience. Particularly for gamers who are using multiple wireless devices as part of their gaming setup, low latency is key.

That's where fiber comes in. Fiber-optic internet can reduce latency, enabling faster communication between gamers, servers, and streaming platforms. This means gamers can react swiftly to in-game events, interact seamlessly with other gamers, and enjoy live gaming without buffering or delays.

3. Reliable Connectivity

Everyone playing the most popular open-world multiplayer games (think "Minecraft") is dependent on one thing: staying connected to the action. In this type of cloud-based environment, there are so many fast-moving parts and interactions happening between widely dispersed players that every minute is action packed. Having reliable connectivity can be the difference between being able to take on joint missions with other gamers and losing handily in a head-to-head competition because of a faulty connection.

Fiber-optic internet delivers the reliability needed for these sprawling worlds and other online games. This makes it an ideal choice for uninterrupted gaming that is less prone than other connections to interference, weather and signal degradation over long distances. Fiber ensures consistent, stable connections, even in peak usage hours, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their online adventures without worrying about dropped connections or buffering.

The less gamers have to worry about being tossed off the server, the more they can enjoy virtual worlds.

4. Enhanced Quality of Experience

In the olden days (i.e. the '90s), when large groups of people wanted to play video games together, they'd organize a local area network (LAN) party. Gamers would bring their own computers and set them up in a large room to enjoy a shared gaming experience.

Imagine the shock a '90s gamer would have if they were told they could engage with their gaming community (and beyond) completely online.

Fiber has allowed us to reimagine what we mean by "multiplayer gaming" from those days and modernize it. Gamers today can use their connection to enjoy high-definition visuals, immersive virtual reality (VR) environments, and seamless multiplayer interactions – all with stunning clarity and precision – from anywhere in the world. This is all thanks to the reliable high-speed connection that comes from fiber internet.

With its unrivaled speed, low latency, and enhanced reliability, fiber-optic technology is revolutionizing the way users enjoy online gaming.

If you're looking for a truly game-changing internet experience, looking no further than Fidium Fiber. With gigabit speeds and pocket-friendly price points, we're connecting homes to fiber service that powers communities.

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