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Different is better

Different is better

Get a dedicated fiber connection with equal up & download speeds on every plan. Fidium makes every day move at light speed.

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More reliability with every connection.

Fidium Fiber is delivering direct-to-home bandwidth, making speed and dependability a 24/7 benefit. While cable internet customers are sharing their bandwidth accross the neighborhood, Fidium customers are all smiles, knowing they’re connected with the most advanced 100% fiber technology. And check this out...

No contracts

Flexibility to change your plan whenever you want

No bundling

Only pay for what you need

No gimmicks

Advertised prices include all the bells and whistles of our service

(See applicable taxes, governmental surcharges)

No data cap

Never run out of data—ever!

Simply choose the speed you need


2 Gigs

300 Mbps

100 Mbps

Pre-order online today!

With ultra-fast connections, 100% fiber internet, WiFi and symmetrical upload and download speeds, it's no wonder customers dig the Fidium gig.


All plans include

WiFi gateway to enable faster speeds and wider coverage

Whole-home Attune™ WiFi app puts you in control of your network and devices

Proactive network monitoring to help resolve any issues

Free professional installation for all fiber internet plans

$5 discount with subscription to Paperless Billing and AutoPay

Optional add-ons

Unlimited local, nationwide and international calls to Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands with a VoIP home phone

Streaming TV packages available through one of our partners

Fiber internet service that keeps up with you

Your home is going to be smarter than ever

Fidium's whole-home intelligent WiFi experience offers higher control for anyone who wants to take their smart home to the next level! Get new insights, more customization, and an unprecedented level of communication from your smart home devices.

Optional home VoIP phone service

Make unlimited local and nationwide long-distance calls from your home phone and enjoy voicemail and calling features – all managed in our online portal.

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Stream all your favorite TV channels

With super-fast gigabit internet speed, there's no more fighting over the TV remote or waiting for your show to download. Everyone can stream what they want immediately, on any device—all at the same time.

See the light

We want to show just how we’re raising everyone’s expectations for their internet provider. That includes demonstrating what makes Fidium Fiber different and what it means for you. In a market that has a lot of boasts and too much fine print, we believe it’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying. So we’re delivering the best internet experience possible along with incredible service, all at a great price. Check out Fidium and see the light.

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So what exactly is
2 Gig internet?

It’s 2,000 Mbps. So, if your current internet speed is 100 Mbps, Fidium Fiber delivers internet that is 20x faster.

No gimmicks icon

What do we mean
when we say no gimmicks?

It’s simple pricing and knowing that we won't stick you with unexplained charges.

Dedicated connection icon

What is a
dedicated connection?

Your bandwidth is consistently available to you, because you no longer share it with your neighbors like you do with a cable internet connection.

Symmetrical speed icon

Is having symmetrical
speeds important?

Yep, it’s a fancy way of saying you have a connection with equal download and upload speeds.

Need fast, reliable
business service?
Need fast, reliable business service?
Check Out Fidium Fiber Internet for Work Check Out Fidium Fiber Internet for Work

Ltd-time offer for 1st yr of residential internet service. Standard rates apply after promo. No contract req’d. Prices before taxes & surcharges; requires AutoPay, paperless billing & Fidium online account. Fidium WiFi gateway ($10/mo) incl’d in advertised price is req’d to support Attune WiFi app & proactive network monitoring. Upload/download speed based on max wired speeds to single connected device. Actual internet, WiFi speeds & WiFi coverage varies based on home size/layout, construction materials, hardware/software limitations, simultaneous users/devices, etc. If needed for full home coverage, WiFi extenders are $10/mo (waived with 2 Gig plan). Visit our advertising claims page for more details. © 2023 Fidium. All rights reserved.