Advertising Claims


We're not your typical internet provider, so these aren't your typical advertising disclosures. Our goal is to make sure everyone – no matter how tech or legal savvy – can understand what's behind our marketing claims. Here's the story behind some of the key terms or phrases we use.  


Advertised offer details 

No contracts / no early termination fees 

  • There is no contract to tie you down on any of our internet or our home phone service plans. We don't even offer anything else. And you don't have to bundle other services to get our advertised offers. 
  • Even though we provide you with bill certainty through our 1-year internet price lock, we don't require you to sign a contract. You have the flexibility to change your plan or cancel your service whenever you want with no penalty.  

30-day money-back guarantee 

  • All Fidium internet and phone plans come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You may cancel your service within the first 30 days and receive credit for all charges that have been billed, including applicable fees and surcharges. You can cancel for any reason and without penalty, but we won't be able to provide any refunds for services provided after your first 30 days in service. Oh, and don't forget to send back your Fidium WiFi equipment to avoid being charged for keeping it. 

No bundles required / No bundled pricing 

  • Our advertised pricing doesn't change depending on what other services you might order. If you want a home phone line, great. If you want to order streaming TV from one of our preferred partners, great. If not, that's ok, too.  

No hidden fees / Transparent pricing 

  • Our advertised prices include all the bells and whistles we advertise as being part of the service, with no additional costs necessary to enjoy the features we advertise. The only exception is international long-distance calling charges, taxes and other governmental authorized surcharges that vary by your location and the type of services you purchase. See the list of taxes and fees that may apply to you.
  • What do Fidium's advertised internet rates include? 
    • The standard rate for your internet plan 
    • Promotional new customer discount on internet (discount amount varies by plan selected) 
    • Network Care ($10/month, including your leased WiFi gateway, up to 2 leased wireless extenders, and access to the Fidium Attune WiFiTM home network management app) 
    • Paperless billing discount (-$2.50/mo)* 
    • AutoPay discount (-$2.50/mo)* 
      *Our advertised rates assume you will participate in our paperless billing and AutoPay programs. You are not required to participate in these programs, but we highly encourage it! You may cancel your participation in these programs at any time, but we'll have to remove your discount(s) when you do. 
  • What do the advertised home phone rates include? 

Price lock / Promotional rate eligibility 

  • The total price you are charged for internet service will not change for your entire first year as a customer. If we were to unexpectedly change our standard internet rates during that time, your promotional discount would also change to ensure that the total price you're paying for internet stays the same. When your promotion expires, you will begin to pay the standard rate for the service purchased. We plan to offer existing customers opportunities to upgrade service or gain access to the newest and coolest features whenever they become available. We may even surprise you with new promotions from time to time. We'll contact you when we have a new offer or feature that can benefit you.  

Professional installation / Free installation 

  • We require professional installation of all our services. We offer free professional installation on our 50 Mbps, 250 Mbps and 1 Gig plans. This means that a Fidium Home Network Expert will come to your home to install service and ensure it is working properly.  
  • We'll need to be inside your home for up to 3 hours on your installation day, depending on the number of connected devices in your home. Occasionally, it takes longer than expected, based on things like your home's distance from the street and the number of connected devices you have. Please make sure someone 18 years of age or older is home for your appointment.  
  • Successful internet installation is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors, including home size and layout, WiFi gateway location, computer age and condition, and the presence of other possibly interfering electronics. Each computer must have a wireless adapter and meet minimum system requirements. File and print sharing, game console setup, and connection of other wireless devices are not included in professional installation. Wireless adapters, hard-wired home networking, and additional WiFi extenders are available for a separate charge. 

No gimmicks 

  • See “no data caps,” “no contracts,” “30-day money-back guarantee,” “no bundles,” “no hidden fees,” “price lock” and “free installation.” 

Network Care / Leased equipment 

  • Network Care is required in order to provide Fidium Fiber internet service. Network Care is $10 a month and the cost is included in our advertised internet pricing. With Network Care, we will provide your leased WiFi gateway, up to 2 leased wireless extenders, and access to the Fidium Attune WiFi™ home network management app. Network Care also covers troubleshooting of inside wiring, phone jacks and connectivity to the computer. Leased equipment will be replaced as needed. Your leased Network Care equipment remains the property of Fidium and must be returned in good working condition within 10 days of service disconnection or an equipment charge will apply. 

Taxes and surcharges 

  • Fidium collects taxes and fees required by local, state or federal governments. Those charges are based on the services you order and where you live and are not included in our advertised rates. They are also not controlled by Fidium and are subject to change, so unfortunately, we don't know the total amount of these charges in advance. You will be able to see the exact list on your first bill – they normally add up to a couple bucks or less. Read more about applicable taxes and surcharge in your local area.
  • In some communities, a Fiber Infrastructure Build Recovery Fee applies to internet service. We make sure to include this cost in advertised pricing when it can be targeted to potential customers in the applicable community. For example, if you find your town's page on our website, you'll be able to see the cost of our service with the Broadband Infrastructure charge included, if applicable. And any time you order our service online, this cost is shown up-front in your shopping cart. 

Who is Fidium? 

  • Fidium is a consumer fiber internet brand of Consolidated Communications. This means that you may see Consolidated Communications on your bank or credit/debit card statement. Don't worry, your payment will apply to your Fidium bill amount due. 

Service availability 

  • Fidium specializes in connecting individuals and families. Check service availability where you live.  
  • If you have a simple home office, we can support you with Fidium Fiber internet and VoIP phone service. But if you have multiple business locations, need team collaboration and productivity tools, website design services, or connectivity to an additional location outside your home, let us refer you to Consolidated Communications.

Other customer terms and policies 


Other marketing claims 

Dedicated home connection / No sharing 

  • In a fiber network, there is a single fiber that leaves our central equipment. The signal running over that fiber is then used to connect multiple homes in your neighborhood. However, you have a dedicated connection from our network equipment in your neighborhood, straight to your home. On this dedicated connection, your bandwidth is always available to you. The speed you receive isn't impacted by the usage of others in your neighborhood, so you can get the service you expect, even during peak hours of use. 

Whole-home connectivity 

  • We use the latest WiFi technology for our gateways and wireless extenders and top it off with an easy-to-use home network management app to help you get a WiFi signal everywhere you need it inside your home. All the equipment you need to connect your whole home is included in our total advertised pricing for internet service on our website. We call it Network Care, and it's $10 of the total advertised internet service price, no matter which plan you select.

No data cap 

  • Many providers are instituting data caps as a not-so-subtle way to charge you more…and we don't do that. With Fidium, you have unlimited data. That means you can stream, share, work and play without limits and without additional fees based on your usage of our service. 

100% pure fiber internet 

  • We own and manage the fiber network that serves Fidium customers. It's the most reliable internet-delivery technology on the market, and we use only this fiber-based network to deliver your service.  

True Gig 

  • True Gig means that when you sign up for our 1 Gig internet plan, you can actually get 1 Gig download AND upload speeds. Other providers may offer 1 Gig download speeds, but their upload speeds are very low whether you are directly connected to the internet or WiFi. Upload speeds are critical for crystal clear video calls and playing online games. 
  • How do we do this? We start by sending you even more bandwidth than you've ordered directly to your home, and using the latest WiFi 6 gateways and extenders that are capable of delivering gig speeds over WiFi. Mesh WiFi systems like Fidium's offers better coverage without degrading speed. Our unique mesh WiFi system optimizes your WiFi based on your usage to deliver optimum speed and coverage throughout your home. Our whole-home WiFi system consists of your main WiFi 6 Router and satellite modules, or extenders, placed around your house for complete coverage when needed. 
  • Although Gig speeds over WiFi are totally possible with Fidium service, wireless speeds in your home will vary depending on device limitations, distance from the wireless access point, the number of connected devices, and network interference. 
  • Use our Fidium Attune WiFi TM app to test the internet speeds coming directly into your home or to see the capabilities of each individual device over WiFi. 
  • Service availability, speed and uninterrupted service cannot be guaranteed. For tips on how to ensure you're getting your best internet connection, see our Internet Troubleshooting FAQs.