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Fidium home consultant

We'll be out and about in your neighborhood

We're sharing the big news that fiber internet is coming to your area! Fidium Personal Fiber Internet Consultants are making house calls, so you may see us in the area.

  • Our Fiber Internet Consultants are trained and ready to answer all your questions
  • Consultants are also authorized to tell you about exclusive money-saving offers
  • Our Consultants will work with you to determine the best package for your needs

Your Personal Fiber Internet Consultant is there to explain the benefits of fiber and how it can best work in your unique home–so say "hi" and ask questions that matter to you!

We'd love to connect...

It's easy to set up an appointment to chat with your Personal Fiber Internet Consultant where you can get more info, check pricing, and much more. Please select the option that best suits you below and complete the form — we look forward to talking with you.


Fidium Blue Shirt and Badge

Keeping you safe is our priority

You may notice our fiber internet consultants wearing fidium gear, that'll include identifying badges. Our consultants are happy to put on a mask if requested.


A quick peek at the benefits of Fidium Fiber internet

  • Fidium offers a dedicated fiber connection to offer the fastest gig speeds
  • No more sharing your bandwidth with the neighbors like you would with cable
  • Connect your TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smarthome devices…all at the same time with super-fast speeds
  • Upfront pricing, uncomplicated plans and no gimmicks
  • No contract required
  • You will never have a data cap

couple using Fiber internet service


What's this on my door?

Since we may stop by when you are not home, our Fiber Internet Consultants will leave information, including when they could be back around the block. If you'd like, you can look over the materials and ask some questions the next time they stop by.

It's just our way of saying hello! Our Consultants are customers just like feel free to chat with them about the benefits of fiber in your home.


How to spot a scam

Our Personal Fiber Internet Consultants will never ask for your personal information that include your social security number, birth date, driver’s license, your mother’s maiden name or any other identifiable information. If you are purchasing services online, you will be asked to enter in personal information through our secured online ordering process.

Fidium will never use social media to ask you for credit card or debit card information. We’ll never ask you to change your payment method, wire money or use a money transfer service.