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Breaking Barriers to Mental Health Care

Mental health awareness is increasingly recognized as crucial, however, access to mental health services remains challenging for many. Here's how better access to fiber internet can remove some barriers to mental health care... 

How To Turn Off Internet Access at Night

Turning your internet off at night can greatly improve your sleep as well as your energy the next day. It’s also an important measure for parental control and network security while you sleep. So let’s dive into how you can turn off internet access at night.

How Many Mbps Do I Need to Work From Home?

Working from home has become more common. This means that using the internet for both communication and the job itself is essential. For this, a fast, reliable, and stable internet connection like fiber optic is the best. So let’s get into the details of how fast your internet needs to be to work from home.

Can You Use WiFi and Ethernet at the Same Time?

Using the best connection method for each device can significantly boost your device's performance by granting it access to higher internet speeds. So if you have ever wondered if you can use WiFi and Ethernet at the same time, learn detailed breakdown here.

How Much Data Does Streaming TV Use?

To fully enjoy the benefits that streaming TV provides, you need a fast and stable internet connection. Since streaming can use a lot of data, you have to carefully consider your internet plan, as well as your streaming TV plan. Let’s go over internet data details to help you understand what to consider when moving to streaming TV.

Tips To Improve Your Internet Speed

Diagnosing your internet speed through online speed tests is the best and quickest way to understand how your connection is performing. To help connected to the things that matter to you, here are some tips to get the most out of your internet speed.

How Often Should You Restart Your Router?

It’s good practice to restart your modem or router whenever you have any connectivity issues, transfer internet to another address, or update your internet plan. However, there are plenty more reasons to do so. So let’s dive into when, why, and how to reset router systems for optimal usage.

How To Replace a Router

Like any other piece of technology, routers degrade over time with use—meanwhile, technology evolves and improves to outpace what was once cutting-edge. Understanding when and how often to replace a router is crucial to keeping your internet connection stable and safe. So dive into why, when, and how to replace a router.