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We dig the Gig. 1 and 2 Gig speeds are here!

We're raising everyone’s expectations. It’s easy to be an internet customer when you get incredible service and ultra-fast speeds.

We're talking speeds that offer oodles of bandwidth. Plus, Fidium Fiber internet gives you symmetrical speeds - that means, whatever you choose, you get the same upload AND download speeds. That's something cable simply can't offer. You'll enjoy your luxuriously fast speeds as you connect all your devices, all at the same time. Our WiFi 6 gateway and wireless mesh network adapts to your usage, so you'll have the best experience available.

Simply choose the speed you need

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2 Gigs


1-year price lock ($190/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


The fastest 2-Gig speeds for both uploads and downloads

For the ultimate connected home

A connection to work and play as hard as you do


1 Gig


1-year price lock ($95/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


A fast, reliable connection throughout your home

A better streaming TV experience - with no lag

Meet the demands of work, school and play simultaneously

250 Mbps


1-year price lock ($85/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


Great for online learning and working from home

Connect with friends and family easily through video

Stream HD content, play live games, load files

50 Mbps


1-year price lock ($55/mo after)

FREE installation

No contract


Shop online, surf the web, send emails

Stream your favorite shows, movies and music

Download or upload files and install apps

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With ultra-fast connections, 100% fiber internet, WiFi 6 and symmetrical upload and download speeds, it's no wonder customers dig the Fidium gig.


All plans include

WiFi gateway to enable faster speeds and wider coverage

Whole-home Attune™ WiFi app puts you in control of your network and devices

Proactive network monitoring to help resolve any issues

Free professional installation for all fiber internet plans

$5 discount with subscription to Paperless Billing and AutoPay

Optional add-ons

Unlimited local, nationwide and international calls to Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands with a VoIP home phone

Streaming TV packages available through one of our partners

The way internet should be

You choose your speed and we’ll deliver a better internet experience. We won’t oversell you more than what you need and you can upgrade any time. And look, no bundling!

No gimmicks: With Fidium, there aren’t hidden fees that show up at the end of the month, you get what you pay for—which is the highest quality connection and service

Dedicated connection: It means no more sharing bandwidth with neighbors like you have to with a shared cable connection

Symmetrical speeds: You get the same upload and download speeds, which is awesome for anyone who likes to share or create content, work from home, or game online

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Whole-home WiFi 6 and the Fidium Attune™ app

Enjoy the strongest signal in every room and make your smart home smarter.

Smart WiFi: Our home WiFi network adapts to your internet usage, learning from you and making every connection easier

The Attune app: Our app gives you control over your home WiFi experience—from creating individual profiles and turning on parental controls, to managing devices and providing guest access

See the light

We want to show just how we’re raising everyone’s expectations for their internet provider. That includes demonstrating what makes Fidium Fiber different and what it means for you. In a market that has a lot of boasts and too much fine print, we believe it’s important that you know exactly what you’re buying. So we’re delivering the best internet experience possible along with incredible service, all at a great price. Check out Fidium and see the light.

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So what exactly is
2 Gig internet?

It’s 2,000 Mbps. So, if your current internet speed is 100 Mbps, Fidium Fiber delivers internet that is 20x faster.

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What do we mean
when we say no gimmicks?

It’s simple pricing and knowing that we won't stick you with unexplained charges.

Dedicated connection icon

What is a
dedicated connection?

Your bandwidth is consistently available to you, because you no longer share it with your neighbors like you do with a cable internet connection.

Symmetrical speed icon

Is having symmetrical
speeds important?

Yep, it’s a fancy way of saying you have a connection with equal download and upload speeds.


Limited-time offer for 1st year of residential internet service. Prices are before taxes and surcharges, and require AutoPay and paperless billing. Fidium online account and WiFi equipment required; included in advertised price. Standard rates apply after promotion. No annual contract. Service availability, speed and uninterrupted service not guaranteed. Wireless speeds vary. Visit our advertising claims page for more details. © 2023 Fidium. All rights reserved.