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get your 2-gigabit internet

Fidium Fiber internet delivers super-fast download and upload speeds for the ultimate connected home!

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Expect more from your internet provider

Join our new fiber community where you get the service you want, the support you
deserve and the worry-free connected experience your family needs.


Super speed

Working, learning, streaming or gaming - your fiber connection offers symmetrical upload and download speeds


Enjoy consistent, dedicated service that never slows down, even during peak hours

Smart WiFi

No matter where you roam in your home, WiFi gateway has you covered to prevent dead zones, glitches and interruptions

No data cap

No limit, and no data overage charges—because it's not cool to charge you extra for data


Home fiber internet service plans

2 Gigs

1 FREE month (expires 10/8)
1-year rate lock ($85/mo year 2, $95/mo after)
FREE install


The fastest 2-Gig speeds for both uploads and downloads

For the ultimate connected home

A connection to work and play as hard as you do

No contract

250 Mbps

1-year rate lock ($85/mo after)
FREE installation
No contract


Use the internet for online learning and working from home

Connect with friends and family easily through video apps

Stream HD content, play live games, load files

50 Mbps

1-year rate lock ($55/mo after)
FREE installation
No contract


Shop online, surf the web, send emails

Stream your favorite shows, movies and music

Download or upload files and install apps


All plans include

WiFi gateway to enable faster speeds and wider coverage

Whole-home Attune™ WiFi app puts you in control of your network and devices

Proactive network monitoring to help resolve any issues

Free professional installation for all fiber internet plans

$5 discount with subscription to Paperless Billing and AutoPay

Optional add-ons

Unlimited local, nationwide and international calls to Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands with a VoIP home phone

Streaming TV packages available through one of our partners


Learn if you qualify for a discount on residential fiber internet service under the Affordable Connectivity Program or Lifeline.

Explore the Northwood Fidium service area

The map is a representation of our service area. For accurate service eligibility, please check your address using our "Check Availability" tool, or contact us to check if service is available to your home.

5 phases to bring fiber to your community

Need fast, reliable
business service?
Need fast, reliable business service?
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