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Watch TV
on your terms

Fidium Fiber internet was made for streaming on your TV. Save money compared to that growing cable bill.

Looking for a Comcast alternative due to the loss of local channels, particularly Bally Sports?
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A better TV experience delivered by Fidium Fiber

Save money
Stop getting charged for channels you know you'll never watch

Eliminate frustration
Wow...even with multiple streaming services, cord cutters can save an average of $91/month over cable1

Declutter your life
Watch directly through your TV with no more cable boxes or satellite dishes

Watch from anywhere
Streaming services allow you to log in from anywhere and watch on multiple devices

It's easy to get started

Choose your Fidium Fiber speed. There are multiple speed options, with speeds up to 2 Gigs. Simply choose the option that fits your needs.
Connect your TV to the internet. Don't worry if you don't have a smart TV...all you need is the HDMI input to plug in a Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick.
Find the streaming service that fits. Choose industry leading DIRECTVSM or use our MyBundleTV tool to get recommendations based on your viewing habits and preferences!
Start watching. With our dedicated fiber connection and stronger WiFi signal, you can watch TV on all your devices without the frustration of buffering. It's just like cable TV, but better.
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Choose the streaming TV service that suits your needs



Easy-to-navigate TV channel guide

It's everything you want from TV. Minus all the things you don't.

The best of Live TV & On Demand all on your favorite screens.

No dish, no cable box, no installers.

Sign up and start streaming instantly.


Get a personalized recommendation.

The tool is designed to help you easily find the best streaming services based on what you like to watch. Just answer a few questions, select the channels you watch and you’ll see the best streaming packages at the best price for you!

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More bandwidth to stream on more devices

Our 100% fiber internet connection delivers unparalleled bandwidth that supports any TV streaming service you choose.

A strong WiFi signal allows the kids to watch on their own devices while you enjoy watching from the living room TV. And you can quickly download shows and movies with your ultra-fast fiber connection and watch them later from wherever you are – in the car, in the air or on the beach.

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