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Managing contact and billing preferences

Manage and set up your preferences all online

You can setup your billing and communication preferences right on the Fidium Insider Portal under the Settings section.

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Billing preferences

You can set up the following billing preferences:

  • Choose paperless billing or select to receive a paper bill in the mail
  • Sign up for AutoPay to set up the way you want to pay

You can enable or disable your automatic payment (AutoPay) settings at any time through the Fidium Insider Portal.

Communication preferences

Service, account and other required customer notifications

Email is our primary method of communicating with customers about important account and service-related information. You may not opt-out of these types of communications. We send this information to the email address you use to enroll in the portal, so stay tuned to your email or you may miss important information about our services, including legal notices.

Marketing and advertising notifications

You will still receive legally required notices, information about changes to your products and services and other “non-marketing” communications even if you elect not to be contacted for advertising purposes. Learn more or update these preferences on our opt-out page.

Privacy settings

Federal law allows you to choose how Fidium uses your Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). CPNI is data that is not publicly available, including the types of services you subscribe to, the number of telephone lines you have, how much you use your services, and calling and billing records. This federal law is designed to protect your privacy rights while allowing Fidium to meet your future telecommunications needs. Visit the Communications tab under Settings in the Fidium Insider Portal to view your CPNI permission settings.

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