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Using the Attune@Work™ WiFi app


Learn how to manage your business network with our app


The Fidium Attune@Work™ WiFi app, gives you all the tools you need to manage your business network.


How to download the app


You’ll be downloading and activating the Fidium Attune@Work WiFi app during the installation of your service–but before you download the app, you’ll need to create and authenticate your Fidium Insider Portal account. You should do that before we arrive to install your equipment.


When the Fidium Network Expert arrives to set up your service, they will ask you to download the Fidium Attune@Work app on your smartphone. Select the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “Fidium Attune@Work WiFi,” to download the app. Your Expert will then guide you through the app set up.


Do not download and set up the app until we can walk you through the process at installation.

Download Attune@Work WiFi User Guide


How do I navigate the Main menu?


The majority of daily network admin and monitoring can be found in these four tabs at the bottom of the main screen.

App main menu

Home: Overview of your network from the past 24 hours, including Guests, Security status, Employees at Work and Network Health. The Settings menu can be accessed from the gear icon on the top-right of the app.

App main menu

Zones: Manage Zones, Devices, People and their WiFi access.

App main menu

Security: Access security features such as Online Protection, Advanced IoT™ Protection, Ad Blocking and Flow motion detection.

App main menu

Network: Topology View, which illustrates the physical arrangement of WiFi connections between gateways and extenders in your network.


What tools can I access on the Home screen?


On the Home screen, you will be able to access the following areas to manage the app features:


Settings: Location and network settings including SSIDs, Pods, Shield, Support, More, Account and Advanced Settings menus.


Location: Provides location information.


Shield overview: Contains a graph of Shield security events, which can be sorted by type.


Guests: Display a list of guests that have connected to the network today.


Employees: Displays employees currently at work (connected), including timestamp of when they arrived.


Network health overview: Shows current status of network and recent speed test results.


Menu bar: Switches between Home, Zones, Security and Network tabs.



iOS homescreen



1. Settings
2. Location
3. Shield overivew
4. Guests


iOS homescreen



5. Employees
6. Network health overview
7. Menu Bar

Customize network app screen


How do I view and update Settings?


The Settings menu can be accessed from the Home tab using the Gear icon in the top right corner.


Settings contain several menus and controls that affect the entire network and are mostly configured during the initial onboarding flow.


Unless changes need to be made, the admin will rarely need to access these controls on a regular basis after they have been set up during installation.

What network management tools are available in the app?


The Attune@Work app provides a number of features and tools to help you manage your network of business devices


Optimize your business with Guest WiFi: A guest WiFi option that satisfies your guests and helps you learn more about them to improve your business.


Ensure consistent business connectivity: Adaptive WiFi for fast and reliable service to keep your network running seamlessly.


How to monitor business security: Security management tools to help protect your business from cyber threats.


Tracking employee engagement: Employee insights, metrics and tools to help you better manage employee productivity.


Increase physical security in your network: Motion awareness and movement detection to provide security and peace of mind in your work space.


What to do if you forget your app password


You will sign into the app using your Fidium Insider Portal username and password, but if you’ve forgotten your password, simply select, “Forgot your password?” for you to receive a password reset link via email.


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