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Fidium discounts

Save money with Fidium—starting today

Fidium offers a $2.50 discount for enrolling in AutoPay and a $2.50 discount for enrolling in paperless billing. These discounts are applied to your bill every month.

For new Fidium residential customers, we offer an exciting 1-year promotional discount. We believe in full transparency so we show you what your bill will look like after your promotional rate expires. You can find this information in the confirmation email you'll receive at the start of your service and also on our website when you are ordering service.

For Fidium@Work customers, we don't offer promotional discounts. You get the same low prices every year with our standard rates. But don't forget to enroll in AutoPay and paperless billing to save $5.00 each month to receive the advertised price.

Rate lock for residential customers

Every Fidium@Home internet plan comes with a rate lock, which means the total price you are charged for internet service will not change for your entire first year as a customer. If we were to unexpectedly change our standard internet rates during that time, your promotional discount would also change to ensure that the total price you’re paying for internet stays the same. When your promotion expires, you will begin to pay the standard rate for the service purchased. We plan to offer existing customers opportunities to upgrade service or gain access to the newest and coolest features whenever they become available. We may even surprise you with new promotions from time to time. We’ll contact you when we have a new offer or feature that can benefit you.

Just because you participate in a rate lock doesn’t mean you can’t make changes to your account whenever you want. You still have the flexibility to adjust your plan or cancel service without penalty.

Fdium@Work internet plans already use our standard rates, so you can count on predictable bills year after year. If we were to increase our standard pricing in the future, we’d give you a heads up and your bill would reflect the new price of your current internet plan.

New promotions for existing customers

Fidium will offer existing customers opportunities to upgrade service and access new features when they are available. If Fidium has a new offer that could benefit you, we will reach out!

If you want to ask our customer service department about new or existing offers, call us at 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

Federally funded discounts

Fidium participates in the Federal Lifeline Program. Eligible subscribers can apply a monthly federal Lifeline Program discount to their Internet service.

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