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Secure your business WiFi network


Learn how to protect your network from threats


When you’re managing a business, you need to make sure malicious links or websites don’t infiltrate your devices and impact performance. The Attune@Work™ WiFi app provides online protection to keep your connection safe and block your devices from reaching suspicious websites. The app can also monitor unusual behavior and block disruptive ads that pop up and prevent you and your employees from working efficiently.


How to manage online risks


If you want to protect your business from malware, phishing, spyware, spam Adware, keyloggers and more, you need to set up Online Protection. This can be done at the network, device or employee level to ensure that your system is protected from these dangerous websites that could cripple your operations.


In addition, the Attune@Work app secures your network by blocking connections to harmful IP addresses. Proxy avoidance and anonymizers are also blocked to ensure employees are not bypassing your network protection.


Customize network app screen


How to manage security events in my network


When you’re in the Attune@Work app Home tab, you will see an overview of all the security events. In the Settings menu, you’ll be able to access employee level security settings as well. Here you can choose to turn on Online Protection, Adblocking and Advanced IoT Protection, which monitors and automatically quarantines smart devices if unusual behavior is detected.


Customize network app screen


From the Home tab, you can access the Shield screen to see more details on the security events. You will see a list showing all blocked events for 30 days and how many events occurred during each day. You can filter by event or person. Under each event you will see a description as to why it was blocked and the device that was trying to access the site. This allows you to better monitor and manage some of the actions going on in your network like who is trying to reach certain sites.


Customize network app screen


How can I control access to website content?


You can make the rules when it comes to who has access to what content in order to have a safe and secure experience.


In the setting menu, you can set Content Access. You can choose No limits, which has no restrictions except what is applied by Shield at a network level. You can also choose Work appropriate, which filters out sites that can cause potential liability. If someone tries to access a blocked site, a message in the browser will appear that says, "Access to this site is blocked."


Admins can approve domains or IP addresses that have been blocked by Content Access, Online Protection or Adblocking. You can choose up to 20 entries for manual approval at the network, person or device level. Device level settings supersede person and network level settings. Tapping on a security event in the Shield pages lets you manually approve or block a domain or IP and enters it on the block or approve list.

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