Vacation suspend or restore

Manage your service during time away with special options from Fidium


Fidium offers seasonal suspension of service for our customers who are on vacation or find themselves away for a long period. If you have a summer or winter home, are planning a long trip, or are temporarily relocating for work, we advise our customers to use this option instead of scheduling multiple disconnects and reconnects in service.

You can also pay less to keep your service going while you are away. It costs $10.00 a month to suspend internet service seasonally and no charge per month to do the same with VoIP service. To learn more about this, click "Ask Fidium" to chat with us online. Or call 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

Restoring seasonal service

When you’re ready to use your service again, just call 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

Restoring seasonal service to full active status is free. It can be done within 24 hours of your request and no at-home appointment is required.

Please note that restoring your service after being disconnected for nonpayment will incur a reconnect fee.


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