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Track employee engagement


Ways to manage your employees


As a business owner, you need the tools to manage employee access to business WiFi and help everyone stay productive.


Access employee activity


Check out your Employee zone features through the devices menu. There, you can get employee productivity insights to better understand WiFi usage patterns, quickly onboard new employees, and improve workplace safety and engagement.


iOS homescreen

View employee time See who is at work and the times when your employees arrive and leave.

Android homescreen

Data usage See how much data your employees are using for various applications.

Android homescreen

Most active apps Check how online usage and apps used by the employee can help manage productivity.

Employee network access


Visit the Employee Zone in your Attune@Work WiFi app to help you identify employee internet usage patterns, quickly provide new staff with WiFi access, and improve workplace safety and engagement. To do this, simply tap on the device icon on the bottom of the app, to access Employee zone, where you can manage these features:


  • Create individual profiles for each employee, allowing you to easily manage local network access and security.


  • Assign connected devices to a specific employee, so you’ll know when employees come and go. This acts as a timecard, so there is no need for anyone to sign in or out of the office.


  • Limit network access for new devices attempting to connect to the employee WiFi zones, so you know who and what devices are using your network at all times.


  • Quickly block network access for ex-employees, protecting your network without major changes to current employee access.


  • Track employee data consumption with application monitoring to learn about application and website use, so you can ensure that your employees are staying on task.


  • Gain productivity insights based on application usage, so you know what apps are being used most often and which ones are affecting employee productivity.


  • Set time outs or freeze employee access during certain time periods to improve offline productivity and help keep work/life balance.


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