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Home network

Navigating the Attune™ WiFi App

Explore the app settings and features with easy access to your network, connected devices and more.

Customize network access

When you want a user or device to join your network, you can designate the level of access they have.

Creating profiles

Easily manage everyone in your household and the devices connected to your network through profiles.

Setting up your security

Your Attune app has advanced security settings for real-time protection.

Parental controls

Manage screen time limits and filter websites for each profile at the device level.

Block or approve websites

Get step-by-step instructions on blocking or approving a website or IP address.

Change password on WiFi gateway

We'll walk you through on how to change your WiFi gateway password.

Connection issues with WiFi gateway

If you're having issues with your internet connection, read our helpful tips to get you connected and back online.

Connection issues with WiFi extenders

If you have issues connecting your WiFi extenders, get guidance and tips on getting your extenders connected to the network.

Device is not connecting to network

If your device is not connecting to your network, read our step-by-step instructions on helping you get connected.

Connection and speed test

We'll show you how to achieve the most accurate speed test for your home or business.

Report a service issue or outage

If you have service issues or want to report an outage in your area, we'll provide you with quick assistance to get you back online.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

This program will ensure that more Americans can afford the broadband connections they need for work, school, healthcare and more.

Get answers to questions about fiber internet, Gig speeds, VoIP phone service and more.