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Full disclosure

Read Fidium customer and website terms of service and other important policies.

This is the hub for all the nitty gritty details of Fidium service and our business and privacy practices. Find links to important customer information below.

Website terms and conditions

By using our websites, you agree to our terms of use.

Read Website Terms of Use.

Customer privacy notice

Learn how we collect and handle personally identifiable information (including CPNI), review our website cookie policy, and see what privacy protections and communications preferences we offer.

Review our customer privacy notice.

Residential services agreement

Our general terms of service apply to all customers, regardless of the services you purchase. It’s our mutual promise to each other on a wide variety of things, including account use, installation and equipment, changes of services or features, expectations on billing and payments, and termination or suspension of service.

View our residential services agreement.

Internet terms of service

In addition to the Residential Services Agreement, our Internet Terms of Service outline the specific details of your internet service availability, promotions, and software. They also explain policies regarding management of your data and computer, and limitations on use of the service.

Get familiar with internet terms of service.

Phone terms of service

If you subscribe to Fidium’s VoIP phone service, our Phone Terms of Service explain your service and charges, including limitations of service during a power outage and options you have for battery back-up solutions. This is also where you can educate yourself on your ability to transfer an existing phone number and learn about fraud protection measures.

View our phone terms of service.

Ancillary internet service terms

If you purchase our Premium Technical Support service (not to be confused with our already-included 24/7 proactive monitoring service), these terms apply to you.

Get more detail on what’s behind our Premium Technical Support offer.

Advertising claims

We’re not your typical internet provider, so these aren’t your typical advertising disclosures. Our goal is to make sure everyone – no matter how tech or legal savvy – can understand what’s behind our marketing claims. Here’s the story behind some of the key terms or phrases we use.

Learn what’s behind Fidium’s advertising claims.

Applicable taxes and fees

Fidium doesn’t have hidden fees, but we do have to collect required taxes and regulatory fees authorized by federal, state or local governments. These fees vary by your service choices and location.

Review our guide on the taxes and fees that may affect your bill.

Copyright infringement policy

Fidium and our customers must comply with copyright law.

Learn about your rights and how we protect the rights of others.

Notice to copyright owners

We respect owners of copyright materials and their rights under federal law.

If you are a copyright owner, learn how to submit a Notice of Claimed Infringement.

Marketing and advertising notifications

You can choose how we communicate with you for advertising purposes.

Learn your options and set your marketing preferences.

Get answers to questions about fiber internet, Gig speeds, VoIP phone service and more.