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Battery backup for Fidium VoIP phone line

Using your VoIP telephone service for 911 and other calls during a power outage*

If you currently have Fidium’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) voice service, your VoIP voice service is being delivered to your residence using our fiber network. Your VoIP voice differs from a more traditional copper voice service in one key way: If commercial power is lost at your home, your VoIP voice service will not work and you will not be able to dial 911 in an emergency unless you have a working backup power source.

PowerTec Solutions International (PSI), a provider of back-up power solutions, offers back-up power units (BPUs) and batteries that are compatible with Fidium’s VoIP service. You are responsible for purchasing any desired back-up power solution directly from PSI. For more information on how the BPU works with your VoIP equipment or if you wish to purchase a BPU and/or batteries for use with your VoIP service, please visit PSI’s website at: li-36-battery-upgrade/. If you have any questions about this process, please call Fidium at 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

Your VoIP equipment should be placed in a location at your home that allows you to monitor the health of the BPU and batteries. Images to assist in identifying your equipment are listed on the PSI link above. The BPU unit contains a series of indicator lights that tell you whether your VoIP service is being powered by commercial power or the BPU and about the state of your battery. You are responsible for the monitoring, testing and management of the BPU and associated batteries. Therefore, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the lights on the unit to ensure you have backup power if it is needed.

If you purchase and properly install the batter(ies), you will be able to continue to use your Fidium VoIP service during a commercial power outage for as long as the batter(ies) retain a sufficient charge. When fully charged and operational, your back-up power should last for 8 to 24 hours depending how many batteries you choose to purchase for your BPU.

However, while batteries will allow you to continue to use your Fidium VoIP service for a limited time during a power outage, the batteries will not power any other Fidium equipment at your home. Additionally, the batteries will not power cordless phones, devices used to assist with disabilities, or other medical devices, and these devices will not work in the event of a power outage. It is your responsibility to ensure that the proper battery backup solutions have been put in place for this equipment and these other devices to ensure their operation during a power outage.

Many factors impact the life and operation of batteries, including temperature, age, and whether the batteries have been misconfigured or damaged. The lifespan of the batteries is typically five years depending on how often they are used and its environment. The batteries charge will deplete during a power outage and will deplete faster when you use your VoIP service during an outage. One method of extending the duration of backup power may include purchasing additional batteries and rotating them during a power outage. The typical time it takes to recharge the battery after use is about 12 hours. Under normal circumstances, when power is restored to your home, the BPU recharges the battery without any additional action required by you.

The information in this notice is provided to educate you on the need for back-up power with your current VoIP service provided over Fidium’s fiber network, and you should contact PSI directly with any questions regarding their BPUs and batteries. PSI is a third party provider and FIDIUM MAKES NO WARRANTIES REGARDING THE PSI-PROVIDED BATTERIES OR ANY OTHER BACK-UP SOLUTIONS YOU MAY USE IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR FIDIUM SERVICES. If your batteries or other battery back-up products are no longer functioning, Fidium is not responsible for any replacement or maintenance. You are responsible for all costs associated with the batteries or any other battery back-up products. Additionally, if you are unable to use your VoIP service during a power outage due to the inoperability of your batteries or any other third party products, Fidium will not provide any credits to your service charges during the service interruption.

As set forth in our customer agreements and other terms applicable to your Fidium VoIP and other services, Fidium does not warrant that its services will be uninterrupted or error-free. Additionally, the PSI batteries or any other battery back-up products you may use may not be sufficient to maintain Fidium’s services, including its VoIP service, throughout the duration of a given commercial power outage. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, FIDIUM WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE OR OTHER DAMAGE OR INJURY CAUSED BY THE PSI-PROVIDED BATTERIES OR ANY OTHER BACK-UP PRODUCTS NOR WILL FIDIUM HAVE ANY LIABILITY FOR THE FAILURE OF THE PSI-PROVIDED BATTERIES OR ANY OTHER BACK-UP PRODUCTS TO POWER YOUR VOIP SERVICE OR ANY OTHER FIDIUM SERVICE DURING A POWER OUTAGE.

For clarity, Fidium’s customer agreements and other applicable terms of service will continue to govern your use of Fidium’s VoIP and other services, and you should refer to those terms for additional details regarding the limitations of Fidium’s responsibility for your use of, or inability to use, those services.

* Note: All service marks, trademarks and copyrights are those of their rightful owners.

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