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Manage guest WiFi


Learn how to customize your business network access


Alongside your secure Fidium employee WiFi network, you can also create a custom-branded customer WiFi network that turns guest usage data into opportunities that can optimize your business and boost margins.


Customize network app screen


Improving customer relationships


One of the key features of the Fidium Attune@Work™ WiFi app is the ability to gain knowledge about your audience to make their experience better:


  • Provide your customers and clients with dedicated guest WiFi access through a personalized, branded portal.
  • Turn guest analytics into opportunities.
  • React to visit frequency, data usage and length of stay. Optimize scheduling or reward repeat customers.
  • Gain insights (App time) based on application usage to better understand your customers.


Customize network app screen


Setting up your guest portal


Unlike the Secure WiFi and Employee WiFi zone, the Guest WiFi zone does not use a password. Guests use a captive portal. (This is just a web page where your guests will acknowledge or provide information in order to gain access to the WiFi network.)


The set-up process of the guest portal will open a new browser window to enter the business info:


  • Business name
  • Footer text
  • Logo
  • Terms and conditions


If your business has a website, the information can be imported from the URL.


If there is no website, the logo can be imported from the phone’s gallery and the other information can be manually entered.


Customize network app screen


Determine how your guest will get WiFi access


Login options allow Fidium@Work customers to choose how their guests can sign into the portal and get internet access.


Choose to enable free WiFi access, require an email or passcode, or sign on with Facebook options. The free WiFi or passcode options do not require the guest to register and will show their name as "Unavailable" in the app.


Customize network app screen


Your guest WiFi access portal can even be customized to include a background and text color that matches your brand. (See Advanced settings.)


Choose where you want guests to be directed after they sign in using the Redirect URL setting. This can be set to the business website home page, Facebook page, etc.


The Redirect time duration customizes how long it takes for the user to be redirected to the redirect URL.


Previewing and publishing the portal


The portal can be Previewed and if everything looks okay, it can be Published.


Any changes made to the guest portal after initial setup must always be published before they can take effect.


Customize network app screen


See how guests navigate their experience


From the Guest zone in the Device menu, you can view metrics about how your guests are using their access:


  • Total number of guests, including new and repeat customers.
  • Session information including average session length and average Data usage.
  • Device types and popularity.
  • Most popular apps used by guests.


Customize network app screen


View your most recent and active guests


The Guests metrics can be broken down even further to display the Most recent or Most active guests.


Additional information for these highlighted guests also includes how many recent visits they’ve had and how much data they have used so far.


Customize network app screen


Viewing other guest metric features


The Guests metrics also include:


  • Device popularity
  • Devices per hour
  • Most used apps
  • Data usage
  • Online activity


These metrics can be used to understand which apps are most commonly used by your customers or the amount of time a user spends on specific activities (such as games, social media, etc.).


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