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Your PIN, username and password

Important information for your Fidium account

First, you’ll use your account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to show us you’re the authorized owner of your Fidium account when you create your portal account, ask us an account question or make changes to services. Your username and password will get you into our portal once you’ve created your account. Learn more about using and resetting these identifiers below.

Your portal username and password will also be used to log into the Fidium Attune™ or Attune@Work™ WiFi app. If you reset your portal password you will also reset your app password.

Your customer PIN

Your unique 4-digit PIN is used to identify and authenticate your Fidium account and any changes made to your account. If someone other than you is accessing or making decisions about your account, they’ll need your PIN so we know they have your permission to do so. If you can’t remember your PIN, or can’t find it, you may change it at any time by calling 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

Find your PIN: Your 4-digit PIN was printed on your first bill.

Your Fidium Insider Portal username

The username attached to your Fidium Insider Portal account is the email address you used to sign up for the account.

If you forget your username, you can call us at 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486) for more hands-on assistance.

Resetting your Fidium Insider Portal password

You can easily reset your portal password at any time. Follow the quick process outlined here when you want to log in:

  • Select “Forgot Password”
  • Enter your email address
  • Select “Reset via Email”
  • Open your email from Fidium with the subject “Account password reset”
  • Press the “Reset Password” button in the email
  • Answer your forgotten password challenge question to verify your identity
  • Select the “Reset Password” button
  • Enter and confirm your new password
  • Select the “Reset Password” button

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