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Using your Fidium Attune™ WiFi app

It’s easy to use the Attune app. We’ll take you through it.

It would be strange if we created an awesome, super-fast fiber optic network but didn’t have an app. That’s why we made sure everything you need is at your fingertips.

Download Attune WiFi Guide

How to download the app

You’ll be downloading and activating the Attune™ WiFi app during the installation of your home network—but before you download the free app when your Fidium Network Expert is on-site, you’ll need to create and authenticate your Fidium Insider Portal account. You should do that before we arrive to install your service.

When the Fidium Network Expert arrives to set up your service, they will ask you to use your smartphone to download the Attune app. You’ll go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “Fidium Attune WiFi,” then download the app. Your Network Expert will then help you get the app set up for use.

Do not download and set up the app until we can guide you through the process at installation.

Are you a small business owner? Use our Fidium Attune@Work™ WiFi app to easily manage employee and guest WiFi, and so much more.

iOS homescreen view

iOS homescreen

1. Network map
2. WiFi gateway
3. Your device
4. Main menu
5. People
6. All devices on your network

Android homescreen view

Android homescreen

1. Main menu
2. WiFi gateway
3. Your device
4. Network map
5. People
6. All devices on your network

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  • Navigating the Attune app - Explore the app settings and features with easy access to your network, connected devices and more.
  • Customize network access - When you want a user or device to join your network, you can designate the level of access they have.
  • Connection & speed test - Run a direct internet connection speed test or device speed test over WiFi.
  • Creating profiles - Easily manage everyone in your household and the devices connected to your network through profiles.
  • Setting up your security - Filter suspicious activity, quarantine devices that are behaving strangely, and enjoy built-in ad blocking.
  • Parental controls - Manage content access for each profile at the device level and set screen time limits and filter bad websites.
  • Block or approve websites - Get step-by-step instructions on blocking or approving a website or IP address.

If you forget your Fidium Attune™ WiFi app password

You will sign in to the app using your Fidium portal username and password, but if you’ve forgotten your password, select the link that says, “Forgot your password?” It will prompt you to enter your email address to send a password reset email.

IMPORTANT: When you reset your password for the app, you are also resetting your password for the Fidium Insider Portal account.

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