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Your first bill

Get to know the billing basics

You'll be seeing more numbers on your first bill than any other. Not to worry. Here's how to decipher it all—simply.


Your first bill may be higher than usual. Here’s why.

  • Services are billed in advance.
  • Depending on your service activation date, your first bill may include a partial month’s charges, covering the period between activation and your usual billing date. You will be paying those prorated charges in addition to making the normal advance payment for the next month. To be clear, you’re only paying for the services you actually use, and only on your first bill.
  • If you purchased 2 Gigs, any applicable installation charges are included in the first bill as a nonrecurring charge.
  • After the first bill, you’ll only be paying for one month of service at a time.
  • If you have home phone service with international calling enabled, charges for international long-distance calls may also be included on your bill.
  • You have to subscribe to AutoPay before your first bill in order to save $2.50 per month on that bill. The same goes for our paperless billing discount of $2.50 per month. So, if you didn’t subscribe to one or both of these services prior to receiving your first bill, you won’t see any discount. Sign up for paperless billing and AutoPay.

Taxes and fees

Although Fidium doesn’t charge additional fees on our services, we do have to collect required taxes and regulatory fees. These are authorized by federal, state, or local governments, so they vary by location and are driven by your service choices.

This means we don’t know the total amount of these charges prior to issuing your first bill. You can review these taxes and regulatory fees here.

Other possible fees you may see on your first bill:

  • One-time charges: These are nonrecurring charges (e.g., installation fees).
  • Prorated charges: As we mentioned, depending on your service activation date, these are the partial month’s charges. You only pay for what you use!
  • Home phone and international long-distance charges: These apply to VoIP phone subscribers only.

How to make a payment

You have several options:

And of course, if you sign up for AutoPay you’ll get a $2.50 discount each month going forward. Get step-by-step instructions on setting up AutoPay.

To change your billing address

Log in to the Fidium Insider Portal to change your billing address.

We have made significant progress to restore service after Tropical Storm Beryl, but there is still work to do. If you are experiencing a service disruption, please know our teams are working diligently to restore your service as fast as possible given the magnitude of this natural disaster. Click here for further information and resources.

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