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Connection issues with WiFi extenders

Troubleshoot poor connection issues with your WiFi extenders

If an issue arises with the connection health of one of your extenders, you will be notified through your Fidium Attune™ or Fidium Attune@Work™ WiFi apps.

Move WiFi extenders closer to each other

If a WiFi extender displays “Poor health” and you are noticing an impact, there are a few steps you can take to improve its health:

  1. Remember that WiFi extenders work as a team, so they want to be close enough to communicate with one another. Consider distances around 30'- 40' between extenders.
  2. Buildings with dense walls need WiFi extenders closer together than those with lighter construction so they may end up working best if they’re closer than 30’ apart.
  3. Even moving a WiFi extender to an opposite wall in the same room can sometimes help create a stronger and more reliable connection for that extender.
  4. Place the WiFi extenders on inside walls instead of exterior walls will create a strong core network to improve performance.

When your extender is moved, the Attune app recalculates the WiFi extender health to keep this information current. Extender health ranges from excellent to poor.

Keep WiFi extenders in the open and away from metallic objects

  1. Avoid metal or other reflective objects inbetween your WiFi extenders.
  2. Avoid obstacles in the way of connecting WiFi extenders (such as kitchen and laundry appliances, metallic piping, metallic waste bins, or large mirrors).
  3. Make sure there’s no large furniture right in front of the WiFi extenders.

Remove sources of interference

  1. Find sources of interference and eliminate them. Electronics like baby monitors, cordless phones, video senders, microwaves, etc. will cause interference on the same channels used by your WiFi.
  2. Move your WiFi extenders further away from sources of interference.

Troubleshoot if your WiFi extenders are disconnected or offline

There are a few reasons why one or more of your WiFi extenders would appear disconnected or offline.

The entire network is offline

If you have received an app alert saying your network is offline, follow these steps to power-cycle your gateway to bring it back on.

One or more WiFi extenders are offline

The WiFi extender is unplugged or is not receiving any power.

  1. Check to be sure the outlet has power by plugging something else into it and seeing if that thing works. (When WiFi extenders are first plugged in, the LED should always turn on solid briefly and then start to slowly pulse as it is trying to connect to the cloud. Once connected it will then turn off.)
  2. If the outlet is connected to a wall switch, make sure no one else is turning it off accidentally.

The WiFi extender is too far away from any other connected WiFi extender

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the extender, it just can’t connect to the cloud. The LED will slowly and continuously pulse if it can’t connect.

  1. Move the WiFi extender closer to another working WiFi extender or even right next to it. The extender should connect and the LED will turn off. Then you can test how far away you can move it and still have it connect.
  2. If that doesn’t work, Use the WiFi extender health indicator to check signal quality. Poor signal is often a reason for WiFi extenders intermittently going offline.
  3. It’s possible for there to be a range issue due to the size of the space where you need WiFi coverage. Or, it could be due to the materials used to make your interior walls. Concrete, masonry block and brick weaken WiFi signals. In these situations, call Fidium to see if adding another WiFi extender to your network would help.

Devices lost their connection after WiFi extenders installed

If your old WiFi network is still operating, your devices are likely automatically joining that network and you’ll need to connect your devices to the Fidium network manually. If you renamed your Fidium network, your devices will need to be reconnected.

Understand what the LED lights mean on your WiFi extenders


  • When initially plugging in any WiFi extender into an outlet, the LED light should always turn solid for a moment, and then slowly pulse while it is trying to connect to the cloud. Once connected to our cloud, the LED will turn off.
  • If there is no light at all when first plugging in the WiFi extender, check your outlet with another appliance or device to ensure it has power.

Blinking LED (green)

There are 3 types of blinking signals:

  • Quick, repeating double blinks – WiFi extender is waiting for optimization to finish: You will also see an “Optimizing your network” message in the Fidium Attune™ app as well. Optimizations usually take a 2-3 minutes depending on how many extenders are connected. Optimizations can be triggered by a change in your environment such as elevated levels of interference but will also happen overnight and immediately after first setup.
  • Quick double blinks – WiFi extender is being named.
  • Slow continuous pulse/breathing (dim to bright) – WiFi extender is trying to connect with the cloud and depending on the circumstances could mean the following:
    • This is normal before adding the extender to your network; the slow pulse will continue until the WiFi extender is added to the account and establishes a connection to the cloud.
    • The WiFi extender has lost connection to the rest of your network, which could be a result of extremely poor signal to other extenders, especially if the other extenders are still online and you have not received a lost internet connectivity notification. See the previous section “Troubleshoot if your WiFi extenders are disconnected or offline” to fix this.
    • Internet connectivity is lost. This is usually followed by a "Network is offline” notification.

If there is an issue with your electricity, like a power outage, you will be alerted. When an electrical issue is resolved, your WiFi extenders will reconnect automatically.

The Fidium Attune™ and Attune@Work™ WiFi apps monitor the health and status of your connection and alerts you if there is a problem. If you get frequent offline notifications, you may need to contact us at 1.844.4.FIDIUM (1.844.434.3486).

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