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Information for 2 Gig users and details about your bandwidth

Your 2 Gig connection

With Fidium Fiber, you’ll get every bit of your 2 Gig connection delivered to your home. And while you’ll all enjoy fast, reliable internet, most individual devices aren’t yet capable of performing at 2 Gig speeds (2000 Mbps). Instead, what happens is that your 2 Gig connection is accessed by multiple devices so that they can perform at their top speed. For the most accurate speed test to determine the amount of bandwidth you have available, simply use the Attune™ WiFi app.

Here are some specifics about our 2 Gig speed

Using the Fidium WiFi router, all of the wireless and wired devices collectively have access to the 2G Fidium provides. Exact speeds will vary based on the devices you’re using, and a few other factors including the type of structure and construction composition.

Power all your devices, all the time ... with no slowing down

With 2 Gigs, everyone in your household can do what they want, how they want, all at the same time online — whether that’s streaming their favorite shows, playing video games, working from home, video chatting, listening to music and more. Our 2 Gig internet performs exceptionally well in larger households with more advanced devices and heavier internet use. The good news is that you should be able to reach the max speed your devices are capable of without any additional equipment.

What can affect your speed

The speed you see on your device in a speed test will be limited by the device’s capability and the operating system. If you conduct a connected speed test, additional components come into play including your cables, your Ethernet adapter or port, and the USB port you’re connecting into. All of these factors affect the accuracy and results of your speed test.

Our 2 Gig connection comes with whole home WiFi. That means if you have WiFi 6-enabled devices you’ll be able to experience the fastest speeds available. If your devices aren’t WiFi 6-enabled (from, say, 2020 or later), they’re likely not built to go as fast as the wireless speeds that 2 Gig internet offers. If you’re not sure whether your device has WiFi 6, you can check with the manufacturer or search your device’s specs online.

Getting the fastest device speeds

Sometimes, devices have older operating systems or lack the newest drivers to get the fastest speed through their USB or Ethernet port. Make sure devices have the latest system updates so they get the fastest speed through their USB port.

Go faster over WiFi

  • Typically, the closer to your router you are, the faster your speed.
  • Remember that some building materials used to create walls and other obstacles can block the WiFi signal emitted by your router. So if there’s, say, a cinder block wall between you and your router, you may get a better signal by moving to the other side of the wall.
  • Your WiFi connection can run into interference from signals being sent by microwave ovens, cordless phones, baby monitors, garage door openers and other devices. So, when possible, connect using your network's 5 GHz WiFi frequency, and turn off any devices that may be interfering when you want to go fast over WiFi.

Wireless and wired

Using an Ethernet cable to connect your device directly to the internet allows you to get a faster and more stable internet connection than you would get over a WiFi connection. In order to experience the fastest speeds possible, plug your device (or devices) into your router (or switch) directly using a Cat5e or greater Ethernet cable. ‘Cat’ is short for category, and if you’re not sure what type yours is, you’ll usually see this information printed on the side of the cable.

More about Ethernet cables

  • If you’re connecting this way, it’s important to use an Ethernet cable that is Cat5e or greater (you can use Cat 6, 6a, 7, etc).

Recommended USB ports

Even with a fast adapter, a slower USB ports on your device can slow connection speed. Plug your adapter into USB 3.0 or newer – with a USB A or C port.

  • Don’t have those faster USB ports? You can still use 2 Gig to get the maximum speed your device is capable of, but speeds will be based on the highest capability of the USB port.

Summing it up

Customers should not expect to receive 2 Gig on a single device since most single device ports do not support 2 Gig service. Wireless speeds are typically slower than wired speeds, but you will be getting every bit of Fidium bandwidth you pay for coming to your home. To conduct an accurate speed test of your home connection, use the Attune WiFi app.

We have made significant progress to restore service after Tropical Storm Beryl, but there is still work to do. If you are experiencing a service disruption, please know our teams are working diligently to restore your service as fast as possible given the magnitude of this natural disaster. Click here for further information and resources.

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