Connection & speed test

How do I run a speed test on the Fidium Attune™ WiFi app?


There are two types of speed tests you can perform from the app.

Device speed test over WiFi:

Follow these steps to test the WiFi speed from a specific connected device on your network to the speed test server. Keep in mind that this may not be indicative of the actual speed Fidium is delivering to your home. There are lots of factors, including the use of WiFi, the capability of the device, interference, and other things that could impact your speed test results.

  • From the main screen, tap Your Device icon
  • Tap on Device Speed Test and the test will run automatically
  • If the Device Speed Test fails, wait a few moments and tap the Retry button to try again

Direct internet connection speed test:

Follow these steps to test the internet speed coming directly into your home. This test is more indicative of the speed Fidium is providing to your location and is run directly from your pod to the speed test server.

  • Click on the WiFi gateway icon in the center of the Attune app home page
  • This brings up a history of your ISP Speed Tests
  • Tap on Check Speed Now (this will kick off a speed test)
  • You can turn off the Auto-run ISP Speed Test using the toggle switch (on iOS, the toggle is found in the More menu)

Get more details on understanding your speed test results and achieving the most accurate speed test.

If you're experiencing connection issues, go to our troubleshooting section for further assistance.


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